Fellow truck drivers needed to share ideas

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I’m an OTR driver needing to loose a bunch but stuck in old habits. Looking for drivers with success stories for workout and meal advise!


  • corinasue1143
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    Not a driver, but on your side.
    Count calories, same as everyone else.
    Low calorie food only in truck. Celery, carrots, cucumber. Apples, oranges.
    Good luck!
  • candylilacs
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    Have hardboiled eggs in your lunchbox, your serving of your favorite meal plan (heat up in 7-11), use cucumbers as crackers (smoked salmon, cream cheese, roast beef, or chicken), and use your spices! La Tapatia and guacamole salsa! -

    3 oz or 5 oz chicken
    1/2 cup black beans
    8 oz - 11 oz mixed green salad
    1-2 oz of cheese (cheddar and Monterey jack)
    And liberally coat with guacamole salsa

  • Theoldguy1
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    Not a trucker but saw this article in Men's Health several years ago. Might help:

    Some more here, not as detailed:

    Best of luck, you guys keep the US moving.
  • taxidermygirl513
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    I was in the same boat when I drove OTR. I had a crock pot in my truck and I kept chicken at the beginning of the week (I was home weekly and usually hit the yard at least once so I could go shopping) When I would get a couple hours up the road, I'd take a ten in a rest area, get it going and have food when I stopped for my reset or when I got to my destination. I also got in the habit of parking as far out as i could at truck stops so if I wanted to go in, I had to walk. If I was in a safe area or my delivery place would allow it, I would walk the yards or around rest areas for at least 30 min. No junk food, plenty of canned fruits for ease, tuna (no mayo or crackers etc) for meals were some other options i chose. I avoided the eateries at truck stops as often as I could unless they had grilled chicken as a quick meal. I managed to lose about 20 pounds over a few months before I quit driving (I went home to take care of my parents and took a job as a yard dog for a bit) and at that point, I added the gym in pre-covid and then I got lazy during all of it and gained, so now I'm back at it. Good luck with your endeavors. I truly know how hard it is to lose or even maintain as a driver!