Is age a barrier?

Hello all, I’m 64 and need to lose about 3 stones. Prior attempts have proved fruitless. 😩 love to hear from people of a similar age that have had success, any tips, or guidance appreciated!
Jeanette x


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    Hi there! You may find your tribe of insightful folks here: 60 yrs and up
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    Lovely, thanks x
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    I am 78 years old. Walk a lot, but have pre-diaabetes and need to lose at least 10 lb, 15 would be better! Probelm is metabolism is lower because of my age.I have actually gained 5 lb since COVID Any contemporaries out there who can encourage me?
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    Jeanette: I lost over 90 starting two and a half years ago. It was too much and I’ve made an effort to put a few back on.

    I decided to treat myself as my new full time occupation after I retired, and threw as much energy at me as I used to throw at paperwork and phone calls. Continuing to get up at the same hour, but now my “job” became focusing on a fulfilling breakfast and some movement, ditto lunchtime and dinner.

    Others have said treat weight loss like you treat your money. Be conservative, save, and don’t overspend.

    Eating mindfully, weighing accurately, and logging honestly are what worked for me, with a huge dash of exercise. You can lose without exercise, but it takes longer. I like to eat and appreciate the “buy back” of extra food I get from exercise calories.

    You can do this if you put your mind to it and your heart into it.
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    I train many people over 60. Weight loss is about CICO and age only plays a factor for recovery in most cases. I've helped many over 60 lose weight if they stick to the regimen of moderate calorie deficit and exercise conducive to health.

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    I'm approaching 60 and (as always this time of year) trying to get to my preferred weight that is about 5lbs below where I am now.

    The pandemic and quarantine has made things harder in a way: I work from home many days and don't even need to walk anywhere to go to meetings. But it's easier in a way as well: I'm home to prepare all my own meals and I have more time to exercise and do other things.

    Being an older person myself, my suggestion is to 1) be active every single day. It doesn't matter what your do, if you are vertical and moving, it counts. (e.g., sweeping the patio.) 2) Adopt regular eating habits, including acceptable meals for breakfast and lunch. Dinner can vary a bit more. 3) Limit sweets. Once you get in the habit of eating sweets, it's amazingly hard to stop. 4) Limit carbs and eat more healthy fats. 5) Limit alcohol.

    When you want to lose weight, lose more slowly than you might have when younger. It's easier to become hypoglycemic when older and you can't exercise quite as much. (Although, don't give up, it's amazing what you CAN do!)

    Best of luck!
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    Hi @mizen56, I do not think age is a barrier. Actually, time has passed so quickly, I can say I am an active Senior (70 yrs) took me a while to accept that, however, my body is telling me differently. This is my 3rd time on MFP...but now I am retired and active vs working and active. Bad eating habits have been my downfall. I made a decision to stop *killing* my arteries and bones with my bad sugar habits. We have to be mindful all the time...but...when we "don't care" we do harm. The grrreat thing is we can bounce back!! Which I have. I love supporting my Pals, and I am back to exercising and eating well. By the way, I am off processed sugar 32 days now. You can do it!! If you want support,, I log in everyday...I am here along with the many MFP'ers dedicated to live a healthy life!! Best Always on your Journey!!!