Help me :(

I'll keep this short.
I have a lot to loose, like 100 pounds.
I've been focusing on just my diet and this was the first week I got my body going and went for at a minimum a mile walk daily, usually abut 40 minutes of walking. My diet was perfect, 1300 calories ( I weigh answer measure everything ) and didn't exceed 1300 not once...
I thought because I have so much to loose and going from over 3000 calories a day and barely any movement to 1300 and daily walking, it would of been a great week this week.
Nothing. Not a pound or an oz... how?!
I'm not giving up, but man I just feel like I could of ate how I normally did and would be here anyway...

Some people say "up your calories " but I'm going to be honest my brain can't accept that eating more will help when I couldn't drop anything eating the 1300, I just don't believe eating MORE will help...
Help me, I'm so bummed out.


  • janejellyroll
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    There could be many things going on here, but people often find with new exercise routines there is some temporary water retention while your muscles adjust to the new activity.

    That said, a week is way too early to be concluding that things aren't working.

    How did you choose your goal of 1,300? It seems very low for someone who has 100 pounds to lose and is also exercising 40 minutes a day.
  • ajlmfp22
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    As said before, one week isn't really a lot of time to get any really meaningful data and you have to think about the long term. When it comes to weight loss, you're still going to have ups and downs even if you're doing everything correctly. But your long term net change should trend downward in the direction that you want.

  • PAV8888
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    More than 5 years ago I lost, and have not found yet (not that I'm looking) more than 100 lb.... and logged more than 2500 calories-in, on average, once I started logging on MFP.

    This included 72.5lbs lost during my first year on MFP, so longer term I don't think that 1300Cal is a great idea for someone with 100lbs to lose

    Are you dealing with some caloric measurement issues? Pretty much everyone starting out does but this is something you can work on over time, and your deficit is so aggressive that it is unlikely that you're not seeing results because of logging errors

    You are probably dealing with some water retention due to your increased activity

    You are also quite likely to be dealing with scale measurement issues.

    Is your scale positioned on an unyielding floor, or is it on carpet or soft vinyl? Does it ever move and is it zeroed? What do you wear when you weigh yourself? Do you weigh yourself before or after drinking or eating anything? Are you using a weight trend app or website? Do you weigh daily and record in the app or website?
  • psychod787
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    Sounds like you ARE under eating, but that is not causing you to not lose weight. Uo above are plenty of reasons why. I suggest you track your weight on a trending app. See changes over time. I suggest subtracting ,or burning, (subtracting is far more accurate) 10 calories per pound of weight you want to lose and keep off. Hope this helps.
  • queanmum
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    I'm 65, 5'3" and want to lose about 50 lbs. I started MFP 42 days ago. I answered the questions and told the program I wanted to lose 1 lb/week. It gave me 1280 calories which for me meant just limiting snacks to stay within the limit. I'm not deprived at all. I ride a stationary bike 30 min a day at 12 mph. I didn't lose an ounce for 2 weeks. I noticed that I was way under MFP's protein recommendation being vegan(mostly). When I added 20 gm organic, vegan protein powder in soy milk every morning, the scale moved. Today Im celebrating my 8 lb loss! I'm an apple shaped diabetic on insulin, which makes me pretty resistant to weight loss, and "i", "Me" lost 8 lbs! I'm not saying my solution will work for you, but I know there IS a solution for you. Btw, my very normal weight hubby started eating a 20 gm protein bar every day, and he lost 3 lbs without changing anything else. He's at his high school weight now. Grrrr
  • leggup
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    1 week is a blip. Unless you're concerned that your logging isn't accurate, re-evaluate at the end of week 2 and 3.

    You can also open your diary.
  • Poobah1972
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    I'll keep it short. The bigger you are the more potential you have to easily rack up water weight. Simple as that. Started a considerably nice walk, is enough to gain considerable water weight!

    YOUR EFFORTS WEREN"T IN VAIN... I know it. You did indeed lose fat, and if you keep it up, water weight will stabilize again and you will see positive results equal to your efforts.

    Congratulations for taking the commitment to start doing! :smiley: