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    @kiay131982 Thank you! I will check that out!
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    Welcome to the group @CaydensMommy, @Frompumpkin2cinderella, @ErikaG2085 and @CowgooCantAccessHerAccount!

    @jessphill2020 - If you select the ⭐️ icon along the top menu, it bookmarks the page, making it easy to find again.

    I appreciate all the encouragement from this group. I had another ‘neutral’ week because we had some disagreeable weather and random problems that interfered with my exercise schedule. My busy work week complicated matters further because I didn’t have much flexibility built into my plans to allow me to adapt.

    I worked out a couple of times with the personal trainer and made it to physical therapy so that’s good news. My shoulder is almost completely healed but that means I’m only visiting the clinic once a week now so I can’t factor it in as exercise anymore! I still need to eat better but it hasn’t been terrible. One night, a friend asked me to help her write a proposal - and it was already late when we started - so I ended up snacking against my better judgment. At least I was very aware that I was just reacting (badly) because I was tired. I ate veggie sticks, which are like potato chips - not real vegetables as the name suggests - and senbe (Japanese rice cracker) so the choices weren’t earful but probably add up to 200+ calories that cancel out my deficit for the day. I was glad to help my friend though. We had a few laughs and she was very appreciative that I helped her meet the deadline.

    Everything else is much the same but I’m hoping to catch up on some work this weekend and I’m looking forward to recalibrating my schedule to make more space for fun activities that get me outside again. I’m going to really think through ways to make work more efficient, which might be more about not volunteering to go beyond the set work scope agreement - and recognizing that everything doesn’t need to be perfect - more than anything else. If I can’t readjust my standards, I might need to think about cutting back on the number of contractors I accept. Another idea I’m exploring is hiring my sons to help. My younger son is not taking summer classes, and he’s willing to take on some more hours; but, he’s planning to do some research and preparation for future internships so I don’t want to take too much time away from his personal pursuits. Still, it could be helpful to him practicing the balance I struggle to find. So, it could be a learning experience that will serve him well in the future. He’s already better at it than me though and I might be the one who needs to learn from him! 😀 I love the way my kids give me a second chance at learning!

    Thanks for all the encouragement, Accountability buddies! You’re comments brought me positive energy during an odd week, that felt slightly off kilter, but I think I can redirect the ship. Best wishes in achieving your fitness and nutrition goals!
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    Hello! I'm in my 30s and have 15 pounds to go. I would like people to check in with that are in a similar position. I have already lost weight (25 pound), so I know what I'm doing, I just want people to check in with you stay on track. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Im struggling to search the forums here!
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    @yssik4178 - Welcome! Feel free to post your weekly goals and check-in regularly to report your progress, support others, reflect on what you’re learning through the process and/or troubleshoot with other group members to keep improving.

    If you prefer to work more directly through the ‘friends’ option instead of the “community” forum, feel free to make friend requests after reading through the thread and identifying people with similar goals. I ebb and flow in response to my friends’ postings but check in here at least a couple times per week. We each have different preferences and strategies to reach our goals but we do the best we can to support one another, learn together, and improve our health.

    Best wishes on your journey and congratulations on your fantastic progress! 🎉🎉🎉
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    Hello all! Last week I wasn’t really logging food or exercising. Just was tired of it all. Not really seeing any progress either. Just all around feeling meh.
    Then realized it was just that time of the month 🤣 Now I’m back feeling better and ready to tackle my weight!

    Also in good news I got both my Covid vaccine doses so I should be fully vaccinated in about 2 weeks! My mom is fully vaccinated and we got to hug for the 1st time in a year!!!! Soooo happy!!

    Goals for this week:
    *Go on 12mile bike ride every day
    *Stay in calorie budget or under
    *Easy on the booze
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    @beshamama - Congratulations on persevering through a rough period 😉 and getting vaccinated. It can be so difficult for many of us to limit hugs. I wanted to hug some of my soccer teammates when we played on Sunday. They mixed up the teams this season because we have fewer players and they needed to balance the teams so some of my ‘teammates’ played against my temporary team this past weekend and I was acutely aware of how much I’ve missed seeing them. I’m not a skilled player but it was so fun to play again!!

    I get my second vaccine tomorrow and get to hug my son when we see him on Thursday. I know the vaccine needs a couple weeks to become effective but he gets tested regularly and limits interaction to just his roommate so I’m eager to welcome him back to our family ‘pod’ with a big long hug!

    Tomorrow is my weigh-in day but I’m not expecting any change. Some extra alcohol put me over my calories ... but it sure was a good tasting wine! My husband often asks me if I want a drink - but most evenings it’s not worth the calories - and I sometimes think of it as an investment in the relationship. Our plan was to walk with the dog to a local ‘barkhaus’ - outdoor pub that has an agility course and fun spaces for dogs to socialize - but it was closed on Monday night. So, we walked to another nearby outdoor Beer Garden and it was closed, too! I didn’t care because the walk was nice and may have helped balance the calories. Anyway, I try to skip alcohol unless I plan it into my weekly targets but, as long as I’m intentional, I think it’s helping me approach the ‘maintenance’ phase in a realistic way.

    I hope everyone’s week is going well. Many of the college students I know seem very stressed out. I’m grateful my younger son is feeling positive about the end of the school year but please check in with people in your lives. We’ve seen high increases in suicidal thoughts and community violence in some of the places where I work. Transition points can be especially difficult and many people beginning to emerge from pandemic quarantine are not recognizing it as another ‘difficult’ transition but positive experiences can also be stressful ... and may generate reflection.

    Take care, Accountability buddies, and best wishes for the rest of the week!

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    I’m starting a new week, so it’s time to post my goals:

    -Carefully plan meals while traveling today & tomorrow
    -Personal training and soccer on the weekend; Try to fit in a rowing outing as a ‘bonus’ if the weather permits
    -Add more salad and greens to meals; The SMART goal is to increase by at least three servings between Saturday and Wednesday
    -Protect time in work schedule to row at least one day M-W.
    -Intentionally plan to incorporate more stretching/ yoga into future weeks and treat it as a ‘bonus’ if it works out this week
    -Ask son if he wants to get back to daily abdominal workouts and/or resistance bands

    I’m ‘graduating’ from physical therapy after one more session on Tuesday so I have to try to build the habit of doing my physical therapy exercises at home. So, I’m hoping I can concentrate on the resistance bands a couple times each week to make sure I don’t re-injure my shoulder. These goals are a little more ambitious than usual - and I got my second vaccine yesterday - but I’m going to do my best to accomplish these goals. Best wishes in achieving your goals, Accountability buddies! Let us know how you’re doing.
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    @PatriceFitnessPal the “barkhaus” sounds fun. Too bad they were closed but I’m sure the walk was enjoyed by all. 😊 There are a couple of places around us that have dog friendly patios that will be fun to go to this summer.

    I did my 12 mile bike ride every day this week but wasted it with a nightly beer 🤦‍♀️ I really need to stop drinking a beer a night. Next week I will only drink every other night or something.
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    Good morning all!!

    These last two weeks have been tough!!! Work has been crazy busy as we start to reopen things but doing so with new covid procedures in place. The pandemic meant we moved alot of our support online, which our local health board want us to now it's like we are doing our pre covid and our during covid jobs at the same time but with no extra time! It will calm down but right now I have no time to focus on anything and I'm missing gym classes as I'm in meetings.... :(

    However new month today... so I will endeavour to sit and refocus a bit, and see if I can have a game plan to get me through the next few weeks....currently I'm getting to meal times, realising I have no time and I'm starving...and cramming something that likely isn't the best (usually toast atm) and then getting back to work.
    I'm also doing more hours at the dog training school which I love! But it is even less time doing other things.

    I love the sound of a Barkhaus!!!!!
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    My last couple weeks have been horrible. Partly do to busyness, but mostly my fault. The next two weeks are going to be about the same time wise. I have to figure out how to keep myself motivated to work out and eat healthy during these busy times. I did get my garden planted and spent a lot of time outside over the weekend. That was nice to have that little break. But, I didn't get any meal prepping or planning done, which leaves me planning day to day and I do not do good with that! This week is our final week of football and cheer practice, we have a band concert, we go pick up our boat and we have a 4 1/2 hour drive to a two-day bowling tournament. Plus, I have a quilt due for a customer by Friday.

    Goals for this week:
    - Start a new workout plan that is not just walking.
    - Get back to tracking my food.
    - Better planning for busy days.

    @kiay131982 good luck with all your reopening challenges!
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    Hi guys. Have been busy myself too so not been posting much. Have decided to buy the fitbit versa 3, being delivered on Wednesday. Very excited. I had a fitbit before but found it didn't help my weight loss but wanted to give it another go. I'm hoping it will make me achieve my minimum of 10k a day and get me exercising more.
    Weight is down this week, hoping it sticks for my official weigh in on Thursday (but Wednesday this week as I'm away at my parents for a week).

    Take care all.
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    @roz0810 i have had the versa 3 for a few months now and absolutely love it. I’m sure you will as well.

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    New week new goals! 💪

    *Continue with the 12 mile bike ride...maybe even do a double ride once this week.
    *Don’t drink an alcoholic beverage every night!
    *No night snacking!
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    It sounds as though we’re all struggling to adjust to our ‘new normal.’ Somehow, I imagined the pandemic would allow us to slow down the pace of life and treat one another - and ourselves - with more compassion. In reality, I’m facing the scenario you described @kiay131982 with added expectations. People are looking forward to meeting in person again but also want the convenience of choosing not to travel, if that works better for them. So, we’re trying to make the online and in-person experiences as efficient and meaningful as possible. I’ve long advocated for testing out various approaches and incorporating new technologies but it takes extra staff and preparation to manage well. In the US, my field is underfunded overall so it takes extra energy and creative ‘work arounds’ with partners to achieve our goals.

    It’s good to see so many people posting weekly goals. I’m checking in today to report my progress, which I’ll describe as ‘acceptable’ but not too good.

    -Carefully plan meals while traveling Th & F — This definitely could have been better but, considering we ate traditional ‘southern barbecue’ and made quick stops along the highway while driving for two straight days, I feel alright about my decisions.

    -Personal training and soccer on the weekend; ✅

    Try to fit in a rowing outing as a ‘bonus’ if the weather permits — No bonus row but I made lots of progress on my decluttering, throwing away lots of old papers, etc. I’ve got renewed energy on this and my son is also purging old clothes that I’ll donate next weekend ... which will help me stay accountable to getting my own items out the door!

    -Add more salad and greens to meals; The SMART goal is to increase by at least three servings between Saturday and Wednesday. — ON TRACK

    Traveling made this tougher but I’ve added more salad since we returned and this area is improving.

    -Protect time in work schedule to row at least one day M-W. — Tuesday and Wednesday are planned so we’ll see if the weather cooperates. ON TRACK

    -Intentionally plan to incorporate more stretching/ yoga into future weeks and treat it as a ‘bonus’ if it works out this week — Stretched before and after soccer this week and set up a plan for yoga days.

    -Ask son if he wants to get back to daily abdominal workouts and/or resistance bands — My son asked me if we could start up daily abdominal workouts again. We’ve done two days in a row and both feel good about the routine. We might add some running into the mix, too.

    I’m feeling really tired tonight and I don’t know if it’s from the travel, lingering vaccine tiredness, or adding soccer on Sunday nights. Our game started at 8:30 PM and ended at 10:00 PM. It was a bit late by the time I got home, showered and relaxed my energy level ... but it was a lot of fun. I’m sore, exhausted and satisfied!

    How’s your week going? What are you learning about yourself and this journey? I’m wishing you all the best in shaping the person you want to be ... Enjoy!! 😀 and go get those goals!!
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    @roz0810 and @renaegry - Is the versa 3 a watch? I love the idea of dusting off my Fitbit to encourage more steps but I have a bad habit of taking it off because I get tired of having it on my wrist. My older son is looking into something to track his fitness and sleep and the versa 3 sounds like a good alternative to the Apple Watch he is considering. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I’ll have a chance to test out what he selects when we’re on vacation together this summer. Does yours track sleep, too?

    @drollings2019 - Congratulations on getting your garden planted. I think that counts for food preparation this week because it will reap lots of healthy food in the future. The end of the school year is extra busy because of the shift in sports schedules, etc. and you’re managing a lot this week. I’ve found some quick and healthy recipes from MFP if you’re looking for some ideas to get through this week. I hope you enjoy the boat and have a chance to relax together soon! My younger son misses his sports days and wants to join one of the club activities at college. I’ve been wanting to turn his old sports jerseys into a quilt so your post is a wonderful reminder for me to gather the shirts together and search for someone who makes quilts. I didn’t know you made quilts ... what a great skill. I’d love to hear more about your work after you get through this busy period.

    @beshamama - You’re crushing the bike rides. The long rides must be making space for half a beer 🍺 but good for you finding balance.
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    yes it does track sleep too. looking forward to it 😊👍
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    @PatriceFitnessPal yes it’s a watch. Looks kind of like an apple Watch. Tracks everything. Sleep included. Can install apps on. Can answer phone calls on it. Can receive texts but can’t respond if you have an apple but can with android. Built in gps. Music if you subscribe to it. It’s loaded. I absolutely love mine.
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    Thanks for the extra information about the versa 3, @roz0810 and @renaegry - I sent the recommendation to my son. I like the idea of built in GPS because he likes hiking.

    Today is my weigh in day and everything is still the same. I’ve been ranging between 132-135 all week. Many days, I’ve been eating maintenance calories so I’m not surprised by today’s statistics. Here are my reflections on the weekly goals I set:

    -Carefully plan meals while traveling Th & F — As noted above, I feel alright about my decisions.
    -Personal training and soccer on the weekend ✅
    -Try to fit in a rowing outing as a ‘bonus’ if the weather permits — ✅ FINALLY got on the river yesterday and it felt great! I’m planning to row again this afternoon if the rain holds off.
    -This past weekend, I made lots of progress on my decluttering, which was a bonus since it wasn’t on my list but has been a regular goal and is on my mind.
    -Increase the number of salad and greens to meals by at least three servings between Saturday and Wednesday — ✅ I definitely ate more salad, even on a breakfast bagel one morning, but my meals were also a bit heavy on fats when I reviewed my weekly macro-nutrition. So, this is more a ‘wash’ than an achievement.

    -Intentionally plan to incorporate more stretching/ yoga into future weeks and treat it as a ‘bonus’ if it works out this week — I stretched before/after soccer and set up a plan for yoga days; but, I signed up for a Pilates class at the gym one evening as part of my planning and completely forgot. So, I missed it! I feel a little badly because they limit the number of people due to COVID but there were still six slots left when I registered so I’m hoping there was still space. I had a meeting until 6pm and the class started at 6:15pm. We kind of naturally started debriefing at the end of the meeting about next steps and then my husband announced that dinner was ready so I got distracted by the meal ... salmon 😋. I’ll keep trying to incorporate more stretching!

    -My son and I have been doing daily abdominal workouts using an app on his phone to guide us. I was so glad when he asked me to do this with him again now that he’s home from college for the summer. I love it! We missed yesterday because he fell asleep after getting his first vaccine ... and I was lazy without him 🙄. I should have done my own workout but my older son wanted to talk through the outline of a research paper he’s writing. That’s not really an excuse since the abdominal workout is only 10 minutes but I’m going to use it ☺️. I went to my final physical therapy appointment in the morning and a couple of the exercises help the ‘core.’ Obviously, I’ve completely rationalized not doing the workout - but I could have finished twice in the time I’ve now taken to explain why I didn’t do the exercises on my own - so that will never happen again!! 😂

    I’ll post my new weekly goals tomorrow. Best wishes Accountability buddies! How is your week going?
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    Weekly goals:
    - For fitness, row 4x weather permitting; Personal training with husband 2x, Soccer on Sunday, Abs with son every day (but minimum 5x) and try to build a habit of stretching after abdominal workouts.
    - For nutrition, eat 4 extra vegetable servings this week, preferably in place of fats.
    - For mental health, continue decluttering and drop off donations on Sunday.
    - For social-emotional wellbeing, reach out to friends and plan a fun activity together for some time later this summer.
    - For civic responsibility (?), schedule a time to work through an annoying administrative glitch with taxes.

    I’m feeling ambitious with my goals this week - which requires carving out time in the afternoon to row - so I’m a bit worried about keeping up with work responsibilities. I have a few tasks to catch up on today. So, even though I’d love to get outside and enjoy the river today, I’ll have to pass up the opportunity on this lovely sunny day. I need to take the long view for the summer rowing season and trust that there will be plenty of nice days. It costs about $100 per month to use the boats so, early in the season, I feel a strange urge to ‘get my money’s worth’ after making the lump some payment for the season. It’s important for me to remind myself to breathe ... and recognize that balance and consistency over time will work best.

    For today, I’ll dive into my work so I can feel a sense of accomplishment in making space for future outings. I’ll also reach out to a friend, who I’ve been meaning to contact, and maybe we can walk together later this afternoon to enjoy the day.

    Accountability buddies, how are you all doing this week?

    I had a hard time getting over the ‘first’ hurdle of making the trip to the boathouse because it required a change to my schedule and extra time out of the day. I have one more week for the vaccine to be at maximum level of protection so I feel as though I’ll have many more adjustments in the near future. I’ll try to do a little extra mental preparation to get ready for the coming changes ... though it’s still difficult to fully anticipate what will happen. I hope that everyone is adapting and feeling resilient. Many people are still suffering so much. I’m trying to figure out the best way to contribute to the wider need for healing so I’ll also give some thought to ways to give back and I welcome your ideas. For now, I’ll focus on the children and families we partner with in our work ... and get to those tasks mentioned earlier!!

    Best wishes, everyone! I’m sending positive energy your way and look forward to hearing about your progress and/or what you’re learning along the way... Enjoy!
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    I looked at my progress this morning. Since I started tracking about a year ago I haven’t lost’s actually gone up! 🤦‍♀️ I’m feeling really disappointed and discouraged. I signed up for Weight Watchers “WW” as it’s called now. I’ve never done it before. But something has to change! I’ll do it for a year and see how it goes. Truthfully I like MFP forums better than theirs 🤣 so I’ll still come and chat but won’t be logging my food. We’ll see what happens 🤷‍♀️