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Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 150



  • ChalmationChalmation Member Posts: 1,393 Member Member Posts: 1,393 Member
    SW: 145.6
    GW: 125
    Round 139 Weight Loss: -2.2
    Round 140 Weight Loss: -2.2
    Round 141 Weight Loss: -2.4
    Round 142 Weight Loss: -2.4
    Round 143 Weight Loss: -2
    Round 144 Weight Loss: -2.8
    Round 145 Weight GAIN: +0.4
    Round 146 Weight GAIN: +2
    Round 147 Weight Loss: -3.2
    Round 148 Weight Loss: -3.6
    Round 149 Weight GAIN: +2.6

    5/12: 145.6
  • musicsaxmusicsax Member Posts: 2,815 Member Member Posts: 2,815 Member
    @ZizzyBumble - have a wonderful birthday <3
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 5,235 Member Member Posts: 5,235 Member
    Thanks for sharing the video in the link below. I have not watched any of his videos in quite some time and found it re-inspiring this afternoon. IF can be a little scary for me as a diabetic, but I know from the past that once my body is accolated to it, it is possible! It's time for me to get busy! Your generosity in sharing so many recipes, tips and ideas are something I appreciate so much. Thanks again!

    Intermittent Fasting Patterns for Different Situations
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