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Hooray!!!! Hooray!!!! My First 35 days.

goldyray1goldyray1 Member Posts: 63 Member Member Posts: 63 Member
It is so hard to lose weight for me. A little bit of still wanting to eat the "good stuff", also a little bit lazy when it comes to exercise, and a little bit of impatience...wanting to lose it all in a week.
I love sweets. I bake a lot and I always have. I like to bake pretty stuff. Hard to make a beef roast 'pretty', but boy can I make beautiful, crafted, decorated, adorned, gorgeous little cupcakes. Cream pies that melt in your mouth and cookies that no one can get enough of! AND, I love to eat them!
But I started this diet on April 10, 2021. This morning I weighed and after going up and down with my weight, I have lost my first 10 pounds!!!! My first 10 pounds and now I have about 30 pounds more to go. The weight loss has definitely slowed down but hoping this first 10 pound loss will be enough to keep me going!!!!!


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