I hit my goal weight! Thanks, I hate it here.

SW: 245
GW: 168
CW: 168
I started in Dec 2019 and hit my goal weight a couple of months ago. I'm 5'9".
You guys, I look terrible. I mean, awful. My stomach looks AWFUL.
I should point out that i am 42F, and I have had twins (13 years ago!) and that didn't help.
I'm not saying I want to go back to being 245, but, I thought I would look better than this. Not model, but...not this.
So, I know I have a few realistic options:
1. Build more muscle. I am looking at some workouts, been doing kettlebells, etc, and if anyone has any suggestions on that front, please post them!
2. Lost a bit more weight. I'm at the high end of normal range. I could try to keep losing some more weight, but it's HARD at this point to lose any more, so, again, if anyone has any suggestions at this point, please post!
3. Plastic surgery. I don't know the first thing about it though.

Anything I'm missing? Any suggestions?

Thanks! This community always posts such helpful advice!


  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 7,513 Member
    Patience! Skin needs a while to adjust. Genetics play a big role as well of course, but you're still young! And lets be honest: You lost an awful lot of weight! Do you think your stomach looked better before you lost it? Mind you, my mom never was overweight, and her stomach looked awful because she had my sister and me.
  • Beverly2Hansen
    Beverly2Hansen Posts: 371 Member
    So I would consider elbow planking. This will take months to perfect but by the end of month 1 you'll notice improvement. Start as long as you can hold and go up to 2min. Once at 2 minutes add side planks same method. It helps a lot in the loose skin or weird shape department when other options fail also add cellulite brushing daily it speeds up skinfirming🙂
  • xrj22
    xrj22 Posts: 141 Member
    I want to echo the "be patient" message. It takes time for your skin to shrink, and your body will still re-adjust some. Also, I am sure you are being much more critical of your body than anyone else would be. You just lost 76 lbs! Wow, that's great. I am sure you look much better in clothes than you used to, and I am sure you feel and move better. You may also need to experiment a bit to find out what kind of clothes you look and feel best in. That may have completely changed for you. The sad, honest truth is that a lot of us just never look really *good* naked after age 40. And that even applies to people who *haven't* given birth or been obese. For now, try to appreciate the really GREAT things you have done for yourself.
  • sijomial
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    Speaking as a someone the same height I would suggest your current goal weight probably isn't going to turn out to be ultimately your best weight.
    My initial goal weight also turned out to be too high and I spent an extended period of time adjusting in small increments.

    But I'd strongly suggest maintaining where you are for few months and then reassess as you are finding further weight loss to be "HARD" right now. It does take time for your body and mind to catch up with weight loss. Do remember that when you are close to goal weight and want to drop some pounds there's no time pressure and no need to go into full on diet mode.

    Yes as others have mentioned skin continues to catch up with your weight loss for quite a long period of time. I was disappointed with my baggy stomach when I got to goal and only lost a much smaller amount of weight than you. It probably continued to improve for the next two years.

    "Build more muscle" - great idea, the most efficient way is with weights following a sensible program but do be aware that training muscle doesn't work your skin, it's not contractile tissue. It might give you a better frame to hang your skin on though. It can also be part of changing your mindset from weight loss and looks to health and what your body can do.

    Do try to focus on the amazing health benefits from losing all that excess weight rather than appearance.