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Please do some work on your food listings!

chublet25chublet25 Member Posts: 447 Member Member Posts: 447 Member
Some of them are incorrect and though you boast of the number of entries you have, many many of them are repeats. Here's an example of a mistake: you're claiming that oranges, which have about 40mg of Ca contain 40% of your daily Calcium requirements and this is supposedly a checked entry! Also, it's annoying when entering foods that the search doesn't start automatically as I type. Instead I have to hit the "search" button and scroll down a list which often does not list the food first (but some word such as "generic.") And then to be even more annoying, it flips me back to the food page where I have to hit "add food" and start again. And please stop allowing people just to add the calorie contents of food. That is really annoying when I'm trying to keep track of my nutrients to randomly select one of a dozen apparently identical entries, only to find that it lists only calories (yeah, so I have to check the nutrient content of each new food)

This is all needlessly tiresome and gives me zero incentive to actually pay for premium.


  • cmriversidecmriverside Member Posts: 31,622 Member Member Posts: 31,622 Member
    This database was initially populated by the admin with USDA-sourced entries for all whole foods. If you use the USDA syntax (from the USDA food lookup website) you can find those. It does take a bit of effort up-front but once you use them they go into your "Recents" list and are easy to find going forward.

    I don't think there's any chance at all of the site owners changing any or all of the millions and millions of "wrong" ones in the database.

    They were/are right for someone.

    The beauty is that you can create your own foods too. Then they are exactly the way you want them.

    And, IMO there is no reason to pay for this site. It won't help with the database issue, either.
  • Cheesy567Cheesy567 Member Posts: 924 Member Member Posts: 924 Member
    And wouldn’t it be grand if there were an actual “USDA” checked and accurate listing? One? Accurate? Acknowledging that the USDA has many listings for similar foods (broccoli has listings for raw, frozen, steamed, etc); however, MFP has a ridiculous amount of redundant listings for these, many of which are outdated and/or erroneous even when searched for with the USDA wording.
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