G'day from Down Under...

Morning, All!

Overweight, middle aged, Aussie male here - back on the weight-control process.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 50 (14 years ago) - and managed to lose 30 kilos in a year to bring the sugars under control.

Since then, of course, about half of that has crept back on ... and the sugars have climbed back up again.

So, it's back to work.

Currently at 94.2 kg, the aim is a one-percent weight loss per week until around Halloween - which would take me back to my 'target weight' of 77 kilos.

Since the effective demise of Calorie King I occasionally used SparkPeople for calorie counting - but with it shutting down to everyone except those in the US, that's not gonna work :-)

Anyway, here I am :-)


  • candysashab88
    candysashab88 Posts: 71 Member
    IM a sparkpeople refugee as well. I just joined and here I am. i got 25 lbs to go and IM a middle aged female, We should all help each other here~