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Under eating...YIKES!



  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 19,227 Member Member Posts: 19,227 Member
    1200 is recommended minimum for avg sedentary female for safety to get enough nutrients in.

    You aren't sedentary, hopefully you don't want minimum results from workouts. And good job trying not to be average.

    Should be eating more - yes.
    Yes you likely will hit the same wall if you keep doing the same thing, and as you mentioned where do you go then?
    How low can you go is not a good goal for diets.
    There was a good post about stress water weight that likely goes with metabolic adaptation that occurred last time - no need to do that again.

    The rate of loss should slow down purposely by you eating more when you have less to lose.
    Or usually your body will do it to you anyway - or injury or sickness really slows it down.

    How much is left to healthy weight at this point?

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