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  • Lockdownzwillinge
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    Hey can I join this group as well please?

    I really need to lose some weight as in 43kg :()

    How do you add a friend on this app.. I'm clearly new to this

    How do I get notifications etc
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @Lockdownzwillinge - Of course, all are welcome! We’d love to have you join! If you select the star image ⭐️ along the top menu, you’ll receive notifications when you visit the “community” forum page and someone has posted a new comment.

    To send a friend request, select the tab just under “community” in the list. On my phone, I have to select “more” from the home page. When you choose “friends” from the list, there will be two headings, and you’ll use the “requests” tab heading to connect with a specific MFP member.

    Every journey begins with the first step so congratulations on signing up! Whether we have 43 or 4.3 kilograms to lose, it’s best to progress slowly and steadily. We’re here to make lifelong changes that are manageable so we don’t gradually regain the weight we’ve lost or lose the fitness gains we’ve made. You’ve got this!

    I’m just thinking about one decision at a time and, though I know I’ll slip up, I’ll just make sure there are more good decisions than bad decisions in the mix. Or, as my son often reminds me, there is no losing, only winning and learning! Have you set some short term goals you are working on now? Let us know how we can support you.
  • kiay131982
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    Morning all!!

    It's been a good week here...busy as its half term but I've stuck to my food goals. I still haven't gotten any extra workouts in which is frustrating..but for now I have to accept that I genuinely don't have time...its not like I'm sitting down watching TV instead or anything!

    We are off to the in-laws tonight though....and that means lots of food and homemade cake....then tomorrow my husband and I are off to spend the day on a lake sailing and kayaking, it was my birthday present from 2019 that we didn't get to do yet!!! :) looking forward to it!

    Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!! Xxx
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @kiay131982 - Happy birthday! 🎉🎂 🎉 ... enjoy your belated celebration. To me, experiences make the best gifts and a sailing trip sounds relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

    I’ve been meeting my goals this week. I still need to adjust/improve some routines but I’m starting to stretch more and I’ve been increasing my water intake. I learned I need to drink more throughout the day so I don’t end up trying to reach my daily goal at the end of the night. If I try to make up the difference too close to bedtime, it can interfere with my sleep goal of 7-8 hours. A couple of days, I woke up too early. I’m heading to yoga class now to make up for the lazy stretches I did yesterday. 😐 ... I hope everyone else is doing well meeting this week’s goals.
  • Kitessa87
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    Hello everybody !
    I am back to MFP again... with even more weight and no motivation. I badly need accountability buddy.

    I am female, 33, 94,5kg and 166cm. I mostly struggle with diet/food and I know I need to get this right but I feel so alone in my journey. Today I decided I will start fresh. Anyone keen to be my buddy in that journey?
  • lilbitsc89
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    edited June 2021
    I would love to have accountability partners ! I've been exercising regularly but I have been struggling in the food and diet area. I'm looking to lose a bout 10-15 lbs but mostly lose fat and gain muscle to keep up with my two little ones and gain confidence in myself that I've never had!

    I love to look at other's food journals for meal and snack ideas!

    Feel free to add me!
  • lilbitsc89
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    @Kitessa87 would love to be buddies! I'm 32 and struggling with eating better/healthy as well I do well a few days then fall off when i get overwhelmed !
  • Kitessa87
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    lilbitsc89 wrote: »
    @Kitessa87 would love to be buddies! I'm 32 and struggling with eating better/healthy as well I do well a few days then fall off when i get overwhelmed !

    I am in so! Thank you for your invite as well 🙂 I feel like I have motivation spike now. I am going to start to track my food properly from tomorrow and set few easy to follow principles.

  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @Kitessa87 and @lilbitsc89 - Welcome! Feel free to post your weekly goals and check in with the group if you want support, encouragement and a way to feel accountable for the goals you set.

    @Lockdownzwillinge - How are you doing? Are you feeling more comfortable navigating the MFP app and settling into a routine for tracking?

    I’m halfway through the week so I thought I’d check in. Here’s my progress:

    -10 minute ab workout & 10 minute stretch daily ✅
    -Drink 70 ounces of water daily ✅
    -Stay within calorie target for the week ✅
    -Cardio 5x per week ❎ ... Some but not enough
    -Sleep 7-8 hours ✅

    This looks better than it feels. I’ve increased the ab workouts to 15 minutes this week so that’s been good but I have to increase the stretching. I redeemed myself a bit by joining a yoga class yesterday but I could really benefit from more consistent practice so I can gain flexibility and improve my balance. My balance is fine now but I’m trying to prepare for aging, with my 55th birthday next month! 😆

    I’m doing better drinking water more regularly during the day so I’ll continue to focus on that. I’ve been cutting it close this week and just barely getting enough water and staying within my calorie goal. Reflecting on the week, I notice that snacks led to more fat and less protein than usual, so I need to make sure I balance my nutrition. As usual, the cardio days make it easier to stay within my calorie target range. The 200-400 calories burned allows a snack, which is good as long as it’s healthy so I can watch the macronutrients and lower my fat consumption.

    I’ve been doing well with the cardio when accountable to others - like soccer on Sundays and sculling with my rowing group - but I need to run or walk at least one more day each week. The personal training sessions are only 30 minutes, twice a week, so I’ll try to go a little earlier and use the cardio machines (treadmill, erg, stationary bike or elliptical) for 20-30 minutes. The rowing times when others are available don’t always align with my work schedule, so I have to find a backup routine that I can implement (i.e., flexible, easy & enjoyable enough to build into daily life) when bad weather or my work schedule prevents rowing. Or ... maybe I just need to walk the dog more since he’d love it and I’d get to enjoy being outdoors.

    Next week, I’ll test out the dog walking option since we’ll be on (a sort of) vacation, working from a beach house rental and then visiting family in Boston. So, I won’t have access to the gym for two weeks.

    I hope everyone is having a good week. What’s going well for you? What are you learning? What do you want to improve? What’s your plan?
  • kiay131982
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    Afternoon!! Travelling day for us as we head back down from the in laws, so not a chance for a workout....but my husband and I spent yesterday out on a lake in a kayak so we got plenty of exercise in then :)

    Plans for this coming week

    Drink more Water!!! I really need to kick myself up the bum with this one!
    Cut evening snacks.... my new habit of picking at peanuts is not standing me well here.
    Get in four workouts. My gym and circus classes are that's three easy ones, I need to make an effort to fit in one other workout.

    Have a good week all!!!
  • Kitessa87
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    @PatriceFitnessPal thank you kindly.
    I only stating my journey today. I hit the breakfast with high protein meal and my dinner was also fine. As previously mentioned, my main problem is to stick to daily calories so that’s my focus on next seven days. I plan to increase protein intake to keep myself full and to hit the daily 10 thousand steps target daily. I current can’t exercise as my knee is killing me. I due to talk to the doc and we will see what can I do with it.
  • sabshane
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    Looking forward accountability text buddy for June.

    This group looks like a perfect match for me for this month and maybe the rest of summer! I’m looking also for daily accountability text/msg buddy.

    Female, age 57, height 5’10
    Starting weight: 175 lb

    Check in Text or message 5-7 days a week for: sleep, exercise, food plan, water
    Check in Text or message 1x/wk re weight

    Weekly goals:
    -15 minute ab and weights and stretch daily
    -64 ounces of water daily
    -Stay on food plan/menu (and no sugar/white flour)
    -Run 2-3x per week
    -Sleep 7-8 hours
    ***(Sleep is my biggest issue currently and too priority)

    Thanks and lmk if interested in a daily accountability
    Buddy :)
  • highmaintnance
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    Hello everyone, lost straggler here, looking to come back. It's good to see @PatriceFitnessPal still bringing the positivity and motivation!

    I am back in the office full time again. Working from home wasn't too kind to me, it was too easy to be sedentary for hours. It was helpful in that it gave me extra time to take care of living things that rely on me, lol. I'm worried about the struggle of balancing too many important balls. ANYWAY, I am looking to look out after myself again, so here I am. I am back in a team walking challenge at work that just started this past Sunday, so that is a great way to get my butt up again. My weight is about the same, 155lbs but I know I lost a lot of muscle and replaced it with fat. Plus my hair is dry and unhealthy from not drinking enough water and getting the essential vitamins I need.

    My goals this week: Get at least 10k steps a day, continue walking my dogs, eat at least one serving of veggies a day. Baby steps.

    I look forward to reading all the posts as they help me keep on the path.
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    It’s great to have you back, @highmaintnance! I’ve been thinking a lot about you ... and @beshamama, @bumpbreakcar, and others. Fortunately, @kiay131982 has been checking in regularly and bringing us inspiring visions of kayaking to stay active and on track! 🤩

    Welcome @sabshane! I’m looking forward to your contributions to our group learning and hearing more about you. We have a few runners here - and I’m hoping to become more consistent with running on days I can’t go rowing - so I’ll rely on you all for some motivation in that area. It’s been hot here but my son and husband have been good about running so I’ll join them sometimes ... and watch my son ‘lap’ me when he makes an extra run around the track for every mile I complete! 😂

    I’m better at the ab workouts though 😉 for now! 😬 ...

    I’m down a little less than a pound since my last weigh in June 3rd, moving from 134.8 to 134.4). I have to count in decimals because my progress is so slow but I’m fine with the crawling pace because I feel as though I’m maintaining muscle. It would be better to be ‘building’ muscle but I’ll take maintenance for now.

    I have to get some work done today so I can row this afternoon. The traffic has really picked up - so it’s been taking longer to commute - but I try to see it as a sign of life returning to normal. I just crank the radio and ignore the crazy drivers the best I can. Once we’re on the river, it’s amazing how much wildlife we see in the middle of the city. We saw an eagle, deer, crane, (not so pleasant) geese and loads of baby turtles and new ducklings just this week. So, it’s a lovely oasis ... especially after a recent cleanup of all the hideous plastic!

    @highmaintnance - I’m always impressed by your office health challenges. I’ve suffered a bit from bad posture working at the computer too much but my colleagues can be an unhealthy influence on me by encouraging me to go out to restraints to get lunch or bringing too many snacks for afternoon breaks. So, I’ve benefited from the pandemic in that regard and worry a little about returning. They are doing some renovations to the building this summer so I’ll need to strengthen my habits and resolve before the office opens again!

    Best wishes to everyone. Go get those goals!
  • highmaintnance
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    I keep looking for kayaks on sale for a decent price, but they are still in high demand so even used ones are overpriced right now. I really enjoy it when I can get out and it's something my daughter is interested in too, so that's a bonus.

    @PatriceFitnessPal I don't have the temptation from my coworkers but we do have a little market place in our building and the peanut butter M&Ms call my name. I try to avoid that part of the building altogether, lol. Your description of the river near you sounds amazing. Nature is a good distraction from the voices in your head telling you that the workout is too hard, lol. That's why I have always loved hiking.

    I had to get on here and interact today because I am in a mood, and my go to for moods is sugar. My name is Jennifer and I am a hardcore sugar addict.
  • beshamama
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    @PatriceFitnessPal Hiya! All is well with me. I’ve been taking my dogs for big long walks at least 3x a day almost every day. We all sleep better at night now 🤣

    I’m still doing WW….I even took the plunge and started paying for it and posting on their weird forums 🤣 but I like it! It’s been working for me. The scale is finally going down! I feel happier. I think it’s all the fresh fruits and veggies I eat all the time now. And water….it’s been so hot where I live and I drink like a gallon of water a day now(maybe not that much but maybe it’s soooo hot!). Today is my daughters last day of school and I am looking forward to going on adventures with them all summer long 😊

    Hope all is well with you all 💕💕
  • bookworm4623
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    So here I go again. 371 lbs. Yucky. Before Covid hit, I was 380 lbs and with keto and DDPY yoga had gotten down to 299 lbs. Then the world completely turned upside down and before I knew it...almost back to where I started. I'm over being down on myself about it, now it's time to get this show going again. Keto was effective but I don't really feel it was long-term sustainable for me so this time I'm just going to concentrate on eating good, whole foods. Right now, I'm working on cutting sugar, soda, bad carbs and junk out of my diet and mostly concentrating on just calorie counting. I'm walking 2 miles a day, 6 days a week and right now, just focusing on being consistent and getting out there every day and getting it done. It's only 2 miles but at 371 lbs...2 miles feels like a death march. Penance for my weakness lol. I'm drinking 96 oz of water daily which feels like I'm drowning myself but nobody said getting back in shape was going to be fun so I just do it, knowing it will eventually get better. I listen to David Goggins alot which helps me mentally to stay on track and I know enough to stay away from temptation whenever possible.

    No more excuses or feeling sorry for myself. Time to get to work and turn this thing around. Everyone rock on! We got this!
  • plcarpenter
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    Hey, looking for an accountability buddy, please "friend" me if you up for the job. :)
  • kiay131982
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    Evening all!!!! My week has been MANIC!! (I'm looking forward to when I don't have to say that....:) ) .... I spent two days on a training course and am now a qualified accredited Canine hoopers instructor! :) it was gruelling but fun! The stress of assessments and the sheer amount of things I've managed managed fit into my week does mean that I have lost 4lb though! :)

    Welcome @bookworm4623 don't look at where you were....look at where you are going.... looking forward to hearing about your successes!!! I'm sure there will be many! :)

    Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!! Xx
  • laurajbaker
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    Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but I'm looking for a one-on-one accountability buddy. Today is day one....again. I am 42 years old, live in Nova Scotia (Canada), have been struggling even more with my weight since COVID started (I'm a stress eater!) & hit my all time highest weight this morning. Somethings gotta give. My knees hurt & I get out of breath taking the stairs/walking on the slightest incline. I don't know where to begin but just know this starting & stopping on my own is not working. If anyone else feels similar & wants to check in daily (or every few days), please send me a message.