i feel hungry after eating a high protein meal

i’ve fallen off track on and off for the past 6 months but on thursday i’ve decided to try and get back on track by doing it right by prioritising protein, eating healthy in comparison to what i did before which was eat mainly junk within. calorie deficit.

but after i eat i always feel “hungry” i cant tell if it’s emotional hunger or actual hunger but it’s so annoying this happens even after a big meal with protein in it. how do i fix this? is this just my body getting used to eating within a calorie deficit and heathy again?


  • xxzenabxx
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    It’s normal. I took a 6-7 month break from dieting and when I got back into a calorie deficit I was hungry! It lasted for only 1 week and then my hunger went away. Give it time. Also I doubt it’s the protein because that’s the macro nutrient that blunts hunger. Personally I’ve found lower carb (100-130g per day) and higher fat and moderate protein to work best for you. Figure out what macro nutrient ratio works best for you. Generally protein and fibre have been shown to be the filling ones so maybe start with that.
  • kshama2001
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    Would you please screenshot the meal from your diary? Make sure fiber is one of the nutrients you are tracking.

    We can get to the bottom of this more quickly than if we play 20 questions about how many calories = big, how many grams of protein = high, etc.
  • AnnPT77
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    What's filling can be individual.

    If you're limiting calories (or food quantities) for the first time in quite a while, it's not unusual to have a short adjustment period where you feel a little more crave-y than usual, but that shouldn't last more than a couple of weeks, I think.

    Figuring out what you find most relatively filling will be helpful . . . and it might even be protein, after that adjustment period.