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    Yowza! It's already Caturday night and I haven't weighed in this week! Please use my last week number, @jugar. Thanks! I'll get on it next Wednesday for sure. I've been distracted about life in general so, there we are.
    My food choices have been pretty decent for the past couple of weeks. NOOM has been very helpful. Having a Psychological approach to how and why we choose what we choose is pretty cool. I'll be back to write more soon.
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    @happimess01 thanks so much for posting the progress pic! You have done so well. Very inspiring.
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    Last call!

    Hoping to get a weigh-in for this week from

  • ashleycarole86
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    Exercise 07/24 -
    5,391 steps and 150 minutes canoeing

    As Brad mentioned, he came up with the idea of canoeing today instead of hiking. I haven't been in a canoe since I was a kid. I think my arms are going to be feeling ALL THE THINGS tomorrow. It was nice to work the upper body a bit more.

    We are meeting up with friends tomorrow for a walk and then we are attending a one year old's birthday party! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

    @micki48 I am so sorry for your loss, thoughts go out to you and your family.
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    @sunny9847 Thinking of you during this difficult time. Hope your husband is making some progress and you are taking care ❤ A break would be totally understandable right now.

    @micki48 Sad news indeed about your cousin. Sending hugs to your family.

    @bowens1973 and @ashleycarole86 Looks like a great day. Glad hip surgery has opened up a whole new world for you guys!

    We had a fire start really close to us from a house fire 12 miles north of us. My husband was out hiking and ended up heading all the way to the top of Mt Spokane and called home for a pick up. It was kinda crazy driving up and seeing the fire so close to home! It is out now and most of the smoke has cleared.

    I'm a little over calories today. One thing I am trying to address is logging honestly. At the end of the day if I go over I just don't want to log it. Then I feel guilty and it can lead to even more overeating. I have started logging those late evening snacks and it has been hard but good. The calories are usually never as bad as I imagine and it makes stopping easier. I did a short 40 minute hike today and stocked up on groceries. My new dresses arrived which were birthday gifts from my in laws and I absolutely adore them 😍
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    Pw 63.5 kg
    Cw 63.3 kg
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    Happy Sunday, Friends!

    Here's my weigh-in:

    PW - 186.9
    CW - 185.8

    Happy dance 💃
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    @micki48 so sorry for your loss. Sending love.

    @happimess01 amazing pics!! Anyone who watches The Office (US) remember the episode where Michael quits and Oscar talks about why he loves a good quitting story - he hopes to have one of his own someday? That's how I feel about these before/after pics!

    @conleywoods sheesh that is close! Glad it's out. Couldn't believe that the West coast smoke last week was actually blown across the whole country and made smog in Philly, DC, turned the moon orange up here. (!)

    @ashleycarole86 got some steps for ya!:

    Mon 7/19: 13,711 + 40 min bike ride
    Tues 7/20: 14,249
    Wed 7/21: 13,573 + 36 min Zumba
    Thurs 7/22: 16,533 + 38 min bike ride
    Fri 7/23: 15,960 + 58 min bike ride
    Sat 7/24: 8,169 + 54 min bike ride

    Can you guys tell I'm really into this biking thing? My butt hurts but the wind in your hair while getting that cardio is unbeatable.
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    Greetings Team!

    We are entering the week when new members can sign up for Fat2Fit teams. If you have interested friends or can post this link where they may find it, please invite them to join! Continuing members do NOT have to re-register, so you're all automatically in for August.

  • jugar
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    By the way - we had a pretty good week and are in 2nd place! Well done :heart:
  • Terytha
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    CW: 160.6

    Sorry I kinda vanished. Everything just became too much and I have been hiding from everyone and everything while I try to get myself sorted out.

    I also haven't really been controlling my diet well, which is probably obvious since I keep losing and gaining the same three pounds. Hopefully the gym will help.
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    I have worked out for 4 days in a row. I switched up my routine.l, which I do often. I was doing intervals, now I am doing heavy lifting 4 days and Barre 2 days. I am giving myself grace and allowing 2 rest days so it is a 8 day rotation. I have stayed within my calories 3 out of 4 days. The day I was over was maintenance calories, so not horrible.

    @kali225 are you biking outside or stationary? I am considering getting a stationary bike and doing classes at home.

    @yinxfed Nice loss!

    @conleywoods that is crazy! A few weeks ago my oldest went to the river to tan (I know, but she's 16) and had to call in a fire. I saw it the next day it only burned a small amount thankfully. I just ordered a dress and 2 skirts for work, too.

    @bowens1973 how old were you when you had a hip replacement? My brother is your age and had one 3 years ago. They said he was too young for a hip replacement and tried a few less invasive procedures first, but they didn't help...actually, neither did the hip replacement so...

    @happimess01 love the progress photos! Very inspiring.

    @terytha gaining and losing is better then just gaining. You'll get to losing again, I am sure. You have come so far.
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    PW 156
    CW 156
  • jugar
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    Ready for the final week of July?

    I'm not, but that won't stop me, I hope. I have been more and more sloppy with my eating, so this coming week I want to get back into the habit of tracking before I eat, to avoid the shock of adding it all up at the end of the day, or avoiding adding it all up altogether. It has been fun, but it is time for me to get back to "normal". Too loose cannot go on any longer without consequences I don't like!

    Who's up for weigh-ins?



    Here's to finishing the month strong!
  • ashleycarole86
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    Exercise 07/25 - 13,327 steps

    Was out and about most of the day. Walked to the birthday party instead of driving to get some extra steps. Like making the little decisions add up!

    Nice to see you back @Terytha

    Nice workout streak @KellyBgetsfit

    @Kali225 your bike rides are just enhancing your already impressive step count! Way to go.

    Anyone else have any specific wins for themselves this weekend?
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    @gak71 the scenary is phenomenal - just wow. It's the kind of experience I'd love to have one day.

    @sunny9847 I hope your husband is making good progress and will be able to come home soon.

    @happimess01 the change in you is amazing - you look fantastic. All your hard work is definitely paying off.

    @micki48 I'm sorry for your loss.

    @ashleycarole86, @bowens1973 you look like you had a great time, was it nice and cool on the water?

    We had a busy one - I can't believe I haven't been on the thread since Friday. We've done a lot of cleaning and tidying, and I did my first ParkRun on Saturday with a time of 34:22 - but it was just short of 5K as they'd had to change the route. A lot of regulars - who'd run the old route - were complaining as it now involves more climb, but we didn't know any different and those hills were nothing compared to what we normally run.

    We went for a walk last night - about 45 minutes just to get out of the house really so nothing special, but nice to get some fresh air. I had a 6am personal training session today and we were assessing whether my hip flexors are tight, or weak. I'm not 100% what the answer was lol, but we did some tests of my explosive power (max watt on the rower and an assault bike) and then I did 10 reps of 10 seconds on the assault bike followed by a deep squat, to test the hip flexors; the theory was if my quads/glutes etc were fatigued, the hip flexors would need to engage more. My last squat was actually the best of the bunch.

    I've got chiro tonight - I'll have him focusing on my jaw/neck following the dentist visits - and we're planning a ~10 mile walk tomorrow evening. The boiler replacing is underway with the water tanks being removed today which means we'll be without hot water until he's finished; supposed to be Thursday but could run into Friday. Otherwise, I think I'll be spending a lot of my free time preparing for OH's job change (mostly researching tips for shift work, batch cooking recipes etc) but I want to get back to my cross stitch and jigsaws as well.
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    PW: 78.8
    CW: 78.7
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    CW: 226.6
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