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Hi all, are there any other Zwift users on here?

I've noticed this week that all rides I'm doing on there are being doubled (time/distance and calories) when they hit MFP. Anybody else experiencing this? Anybody know how to rectify?



  • heytimsla
    heytimsla Posts: 380 Member
    It's duplicating info from the api is my guess. Especially if it's sending it through zwift and through something else like Garmin or Strava
  • ttippie2000
    ttippie2000 Posts: 414 Member
    I don't know how you have your apps and APIs setup, so your mileage may vary. In my case, I use Garmin Connect, and Zwift feeds into that. I normally go into Garmin Connect and delete the duplicate entry from Zwift.
  • Djproulx
    Djproulx Posts: 2,583 Member
    I’ve noticed that happening lately as well. My Garmin connect data goes to training peaks and MFP.
  • TriPaulCantRun
    TriPaulCantRun Posts: 50 Member
    Thanks for your replies, I think I'm set up with my Zwift ride going in to Garmin Connect and then in to here. i don't record my ride directly on my Garmin.

    It has been fine for the last couple of years, only started duplicating recently and I haven't changed any settings.
  • TriPaulCantRun
    TriPaulCantRun Posts: 50 Member
    I found that I'd got both my Zwift Account & Garmin Account linked to MFP. MFP used to be able to handle this and only recorded the activity once, but has now started recording both. So simply disconnecting the Zwift -> MFP link has stopped the double count.

    My Zwift rides are now uploaded to Garmin Connect which in turn feeds them to MFP. Problem solved.