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    Hi! My name is Angie, and I live in Wisconsin.

    Starting weight: 299.4 (February 2020)
    Current weight: 169.6
    Goal weight: 149.7 (no reason other than to say I lost half my starting weight, lol)

    1. Daily movement (30 minutes minimum)
    2. Minimum 7 hours of sleep nightly
    3. Minimum 96 ounces of water daily
    4. Cut out coffee (really, cut out coffee loaded with sugar and creamer since I don’t like the taste of it)
    5. Move from “obsessive” tracking to more generalized tracking as I approach maintenance
    6. Run a 5k in 30 minutes or less
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    Hello, @angfirst. Glad you are joining us! What a great job you have done. I'm impressed and inspired. Losing the last 20 is going to be great, don't you think?
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    Oishii wrote: »
    Hi! I forgot how groups worked on here so only just found this one. 🙈😂

    My name’s Jenny and I live in the U.K., near London. I’m recently happily divorced, with two energetic boys and a boyfriend who used to run ultra marathons, but we haven’t run together much yet. I’ve been on MyFitnessPal for 10 years and I’m currently the lightest I’ve been since my youngest was born over 7 years ago.

    I work in kg after time spent living in France and Japan.

    Start weight (Nov 2019): 72kg
    CW: 61.9kg
    GW: 55-57kg

    I don’t think I can cope with 5 goals to do with fitness right now as I have enough other goals in life. So for now, I’ll list the 3 I already have:

    1) get 6 hours sleep
    2) create a calorie deficit each day
    3) get outside for a walk once a day (as permitted by our lockdown restrictions here)

    Hello Oishii and welcome!
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    Hi all,

    As my username would suggest, my name is Jo, and I live in New Zealand. I have 2 kids (13 & 11), a lovely husband, and a cute-but-naughty beagle.

    I lost some weight a year or so ago, and have kept most of it off, but haven't really made it a priority to get the last bit of weight off....until now!
    This year, I have decided it's time to put my health & wellbeing a bit higher up on the list of priorities.

    I'm 5' 4"
    SW 165lb (actually, probably a little higher, but that's the highest I admitted to myself at the time)
    CW 143.3lb
    GW 125lb

    At the moment, my targets are:
    1. In bed by 10pm
    2. Some form of activity daily
    3. No after-dinner snacking
    4. Drink 3x water bottles daily
    5. No more than 2x coffee daily

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    Welcome, @jo_nz!
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    Hi, My name is Laura and I live in Dublin. Working from home at the moment so trying to use the time that was normally spent commuting to get fit and finally get to my goal weight. It's been really slow to-date, so great to see this group with people who have similar amounts to loose.

    Height: 5ft 4in
    Start weight (April 2020): 178lbs
    CW: 167lbs
    GW: 146lbs

    My fitness goals are:
    * Get more walks in every day, WFH really impacted on my number of steps
    * Keep trying new healthy recipes
    * Improve my swimming times - once pools are open again
    * Drink more water
    * So being so impatient - and be happy with the small losses!
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    Hi, @laurad1978. Together we can beat those last pounds and make it to goal. Look forward to seeing you around!
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    I'm Teresa and I live in central Ohio. I'd love to join this group! I'm excited to finally be getting "close" to maintenance, and don't know what that should look like for me. I've often (jokingly) told people that I've gotten pretty good at taking the weight off.... but not so good at KEEPING it off! I lost 60 lbs in 2018 from March to Nov, but with the holidays I began to get sloppy with my tracking and.... well, you know the rest. By the beginning of 2020 I had gained 40 lbs back.

    HW 205 (my HW ever was 225 in 2018).
    CW 161
    GW 145

    5 things I’m trying to make a habit:

    * Stay under my calorie goal of 1900 daily (Subject to change as I've been tweaking this to try to determine what is a good maintenance calorie goal for me)
    * Drink 96 oz water daily
    * Add strength/weight training 2x week
    * Add Yoga or Pilates 2x week
    * Eat clean(er)

    I look forward to meeting all of you and sending encouragement/support your way.
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    Welcome @Mrs_Hoffer !

    Hopefully 2021 will see those last pounds disappear for us all. This is the tricky part isn't it?

    You'd think after you got close to your goal - reached it maybe even (though I haven't really felt certain about that) that you could relax just the smallest bit. Alas. It doesn''t seem to work that way.

    Someone mentioned in a post in another group I'm in a - "Five Year Maintenance Plan" - saying after that a person might be good to get a bit looser with the maintenance focus. I think they might be right. I've had a significant weight loss - about 100 pounds so far - and think that 5 years is what it might take for my body to get out of panic mode when I relax a bit.

    This is a pretty small group but somewhere I'm always happy to check in! Our founder has been MIA for awhile - but hopefully she comes back and joins us.

    It will be lovely to have another person join our squad!
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    Hi, I'd like to join. I will put my chart below but starting in Sept 2019 I weighed 256.0. By end Feb 2020 I was down to 215, just tracking my food, no exercise. I had hip replacement and had some issues and didn't really focus on losing weight, just getting better (and was in a new relationship). I was 204.0 by mid-Jan 2021 when I put the focus back on getting healthy. I weigh in on Thursdays and as of Aug 5th I was 151.7.
    My goal is the '130s', no specific number. My plan (?) is to go to 135-137ish and figure out my maintenance calories, that way I can bump up a bit and still stay below 140. I figure in maintenance to not be crazy that anytime I see 139 I have to crack down, anything lower is fine. I will also need to get boob and belly surgery in late 2022/early 2023, it's a trainwreck to be honest so I need to figure maintenance out to be sure I am good to go.
    I don't really exercise though I need to tone badly and not sure what to do for that. I walk for an hour on the treadmill, or outside, for about 3 miles. That's about all I've been doing and not for weigh loss, just for cardio to get the blood pumping.
    I refuse to make food 'bad' and there is no 'cheat'. I eat what I want, just not as much or as often. I have pizza and chinese and booze. I refuse to make times of day 'bad', I eat a large dinner (pre-logging it) and work around that for the rest of the day when I'm feeling hungry. Once I took that approach the mental weight was lifted and it's very freeing. I was on a vacation for a few days and ate cheese fries, crab cakes, pizza, ice cream, and drank tequila and vodka and lemoncello. Gained a little and the next weigh in lost the gain. So I have some confidence I can live my life without restrictions (again limiting indulgences but enjoying every second of them).
    I hope this is the right group for me. If not, no worries, I understand. Good luck to all!

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    @FitByFifty1970 holy *kitten* that's some achievement 👏👏👏 Brilliant that your taking the approach of still living your life especially as your approaching maintenance. I've lost no where near what you have but as I'm getting closer to goal I'm upping the calories and enjoying nights out. I think if I stayed restricted I would have fallen off a cliff and gone straight back once I hit goal.
    This group is relatively quiet, but three regulars that check in weekly. I'd love more members to have some more activity but the ones here are all of similar mindset and stage in our weightloss. It's nice to have a group that isn't chasing big losses every week but more making sustainable changes. Hopefully it's something you would find useful.
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    Welcome, FitByFifty1970!
    We are a small, friendly group here, and I personally really appreciate the encouragement and support around building healthy long term habits with not so much focus on the weight loss which can be painfully slow at times...I am trying to tighten up my logging and move forward, but I also try and enjoy life as it comes along - a few too many dinners out lately, but I wouldn't change it ☺️
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    Hi, thanks to you both! I appreciate the welcome! I will likely post on Thursdays as that is my weigh in day (formally, I check in on myself a few times during the week). I tend to eat more on the weekends (eg Saturday is almost always pizza and often liquor) so that gives me Mon-Wed to get off any bloat and then hopefully a little loss and then I set a reasonable goal and a wish goal for the next week.
    I'll find the right thread to put in my weekly update! Thanks!!!!
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    So happy this group is still going strong! I fell off track but ready to get back on! September is usually when my weight starts creeping up and I’m determined to change the script this year! Hope everyone is doing great and getting fit & fab! ❤️
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    @NouveauRee welcome back, great to see more people around.
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    Hi @FitByFifty1970 - we have "met" in the larger losers group! Our paths feel very similar - except I've been really more in a maintenance stage than losing the past 6 months - not what I'd planned - and really just a nicer phrasing than "struggling like mad" :p

    Welcome back @NouveauRee - I hope we all see September as a nice weight loss month this year!
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    Thanks again all - and I will post an update shortly! @lauriekallis that larger loser group was really good for a stretch then really not for me for a long while; and it seems it still isn't. I really gravitated hard to the fitbit 50+ pound group, even scrolling past the exercise stuff since I''m not that super active, it's a great group for motivation and not so much 'woe is me' stuff. Just my perspective - there is something out there for everyone for sure!
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    @fitbyfifty1970 - I looked for that group - with no luck. Can you please tell me the exact name? There are many 5o+ groups....thank you!
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    @fitbyfifty1970 - I looked for that group - with no luck. Can you please tell me the exact name? There are many 5o+ groups....thank you!

    Maybe this will be easier? f0bvnpjjo0tc.jpg
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    lol....I've managed to find this one...but it isn't the right one I don't think.