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    Athena is so cute, so after Michele's comment I had to try, I can get within about 5 inches of touching my toe to my mouth... that is a great hip stretch, I think I will see if I can work on that.... NOT that I ever plan on sucking my toe! LOL

    Kim from N. California

    Heehee, Athena is proud of you friend!💖👍
    Don't say that at a gym though.
    Gym clerk: so did you have a nice workout?
    You: well I need to limber up so I can suck my toe!
    Gym clerk: *crickets sound* (and some gym rat choking on his smoothie in the corner)....😂😂😂

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    Rebecca - a great morning giggle!
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    Carol – Happy Anniversary! I have things that were my mother’s. Her piano is one treasure from the early 1950’s. The other is a handmade Myrtlewood grandmother’s clock given to her by her sister on the occasion of my birth. There are other treasures in the form of old books. Last year would have been our 50th anniversary but Oregon was on fire and visiting the place we were married was not feasible. This is the year of the pandemic. :ohwell:

    Allie – We are likely to follow your example for a third booster jab before we visit our son and DDIL to help with the birth of the new baby in October/ November. :flowerforyou:

    Pip – Thank you for your sympathy for the loss of our dog, Schooner. I miss him every day. :broken_heart: We will start looking for a pup when we get home from our trip to visit our son and DDIL in Virginia. We’ll be there to babysit our grandson while our son and DDIL go to the hospital for the birth of the new baby. :heart:

    Rebecca, Okie Woman, Michele & Machka – I did it!!! I was able to touch my forehead with either set of toes. Thanks for the challenge. :bigsmile:

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    Did complete strength training DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to do Michelle Dozois’ Shape Up DVD.

    After exercise I realized that I totally forgot to get Vince his paper so I went to Publix. I also got ice tea since WalMart only sells it in a gallon and there’s no way I will drink a gallon before we go home so I got just a quart. Then stopped at a thrift store and got (what can I say) some more exercise DVD’s along with Christmas ornaments (another thing we really need...not). It was raining this morning so the guy cancelled the door installation until Monday. Looks more and more like we’re staying until the 7th.

    Rebecca – safe travels. As much as you love Athena, I know how it feels to go home. I love PJ but there’s a part of me that’s glad to get home.

    Viv – glad your knee is feeling better.

    Last night Vince went to order the numbers for the door. It said they had three of the number 1 in stock. When he went to order it, all three were gone. So...we’re going to have the 3 delivered here, put it on the door, then have the 1’s delivered to NC.

    Barbara – the only reason we can think of why the veggie burger was deep fried was because meat is cooked on the grill. They’d have to have another grill for veggie burgers. If that’s why they deep fried the burger, then I wonder what kind of oil it was fried in. I can’t see someplace buying two different kinds of oil – peanut for the veg burgers and a cheaper type for the french fries. Oh well…

    Vince is getting ready to put up the puzzle I made for the condo. Afterwards, I’m going to suggest we go to this one ceramics place.

    Michele in wet FL
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    Hello friends! Have a great afternoon!
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Toe test - Both reach my face, the left much more easily :p

    Okie in the TX Hill Country

    Me too ... both about equally. :)

    I sat like this for about 20 seconds to stretch things out a bit, and then it was easy.


    M in Oz

    When I was little, I would sit, legs crossed with a pillow in my lap and put my head on my pillow and sleep.
    I used to be able to sit like this picture, no problem but don't think my left hip would appreciate it too much.(or maybe I need to do it more-need to find something to relieve the pain in my lower back/hip/knee)

    I used to bite my toe nails too when I was little- Not sure why, I guess because I could and I was about 3-4 yrs old. Mom hated it.

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    Well im feeling good but today im just laying low with the boys.. i took a couple of naps short ones and my arm is still a bit sore. But other than that im doing just fine..
    Tomorrow is the townwide tag sale.. my mom loved to go tage saling and Doris and I would go with her.. i got alot of stuff for my kids that way.. so now checking for the newest one coming along.. but Kyle is uber picky .. so will go check out one that will have alot of baby stuff early and then go pick up Trudy.and we have the map and will go hunting.. im not looking for anything for me,id love to get rid of stuff lol
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    Our homemade pizza is soooo delicious. I use a frozen pizza dough, wholegrain. It is very thin, so, even with the toppings, a half pizza is 400. We do have a dressed green salad, so I add another 100 for the oil.
    Toppings are- tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, nduja (Italian spicy spread), pancetta, and sliced artichoke hearts (from the freezer). Basil at the end.
    With Friday night red wine we are both in heaven. :D
    I will finish off with stinky cheese and a last glass of wine.
    Burnt 900 calories running and rowing.

    I may be babysitting the kids on Monday ON MY OWN. :o DH is at cricket for four days from Monday. I said I can do 2 hours at their house. Then a fish and chip lunch. The parents want to go for a bicycle ride.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    We have an electrician here to fix the wiring in the master bath. My dad is finally stepping back from fixing everything himself. This job involves crawling in the attic. Hot!
    So I am keeping little Teddy out of the way in my room. Wish I had a book to read. Mostly playing Solitaire. At least I finally got the laundry put away.

    Annie in Delaware
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    I spent a very peaceful day yesterday. Had the house to myself and just cooked all day. Mini Family reunion this evening at one of my cousin's house. Cousins came down from Lake Stevens,WA and AZ and then one up from Modesto- none of them were able to make it for my dad's memorial service so we are getting together now. Can't wait to see them. Haven't seen most of them in too many years
    I made a huge pot of chili, double batch of mini corn bread muffins, huge pan of mac and cheese, deviled eggs and just picked fresh raspberries to take up.
    My cousin where we are getting together is grilling tri-tip, chicken and potatoes. Mom is bringing the fresh veggies- tomatoes/cucumbers/carrots and some cantaloupe along with her famous oat meal cake and my aunt is bringing angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries.
    Not sure what else will be there- We will eat a lot and have a great visit.

    We will spend the night and I will help mom with the food program at church early tomorrow morning(up by 5AM) then go back to the house to visit with the cousins from WA/AZ a little more if they are still there-two are driving to AZ so not sure what time they are leaving but the one that is going back to WA we are taking to the local air port before driving home.
    The visit will be too short but will enjoy every minute of it.

    Napa Valley (but will soon be up in Alexander Valley-yeah!!!!)
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    Awww Beth- Bless your heart wish I could be there to help you..
    Im so glad you have friends that have friends that are bringing you food and yes the men in your life will have to get a clue.
    Im back in my jammies and tucked in and yes watching Maine Cabin Masters . And enjoying
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 23min 39sec, 128elev, 81ahr, 97mhr, 8.08mi= 744c
    Strava app = 979c
    Zwift home spin bike- 1hr, 22min, 37sec, 222elev, 101ahr, 115mhr, 20.41amph, 28.1mi= 477c
    Zwift app = 620c
    Walk to salon- 8.04min, .48mi= 61c
    Strava app = 59c
    Walk salon to home- 9.36min, .51mi= 47c
    Strava app = 62c

    Total cal 1329

    Steps at end of workout 28047
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    bwcetc wrote: »
    Pip ... a little competitive are ya' ?

    Kelly ... generally speaking I am NOT patient, but now I'm in a position where I have to be ...

    What did I eat in childhood ... For a long period of time all I would eat was American cheese slices and white bread cubes. And, yes, I was anemic but that's all my parents could get me to eat. When I worked beside a bakery ... note, do not work beside a bakery ... I would often take my break and buy fresh cream horns (a pastry filled with white angel creme). But once I was on my own, found myself following Weight Watcher recommendations with moderate success ... not complete success as I've bounced up and down in weight since then.

    Our 9 month old lab was neutered yesterday and while I would like it if he could be allowed out of his crated area, he is misbehaving horribly around my leg and splint, so that's not able to happen. The vet did prescribe some medication to allow him to settle, which we have given him, but he's still pretty worked up.

    Met with my boss today (who is also our pastor) ... he came to the house. Pretty much told him to look for a "fill-in" that could become a permanent replacement for me. Truth be told, I was leaning heavily towards retiring next July. This leg injury and the potential for future surgery is pushing me to do so sooner rather than later. Tomorrow is not a given. My husband retired in February with the idea of spending more time with our son ... who then died on the 26th of that month. I need to take advantage of the time we have now. On a positive note, my boss is suggesting I not make any firm decisions right now but wait until I've been reevaluated and he is authorizing me to collect, at full pay, my accumulated sick days (5 weeks worth) and then disability which will be 50% of my pay for not more than 26 weeks. The sick days is very generous for a church and a part-time position. The hoops you have to jump through for disability are ridiculous...

    I have been blessed with beautiful friends who are providing meals for the family that are not at all what I should be eating. I am just going to have to monitor how much of anything I eat. My husband and son seem to be entirely clueless as to how to get a meal on the table. Seriously, I have done way too much for way too long for those two. They're going to have to figure it out quick because we can't rely on others and takeout for the next couple of months.

    Beth near Buffalo

    Lololol, I guess I might b with people I don’t know. I do accept defeat when someone is better than me and that is Kirby when it comes to bicycling and especially hills.
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    Well I've been reading only can do a few shout outs but I do enjoy reading everyones life.

    Carol that is a long marriage. I hope to make it there one day. I"m only coming up on 28 on Christmas Day.

    RVRita I wish there was a way for him to see how his behavior is destructive. If you end up leaving he'll most likely be upset and not sure why you left.

    Allie - you deserve some rest my goodness.

    Anniesquats - good job. I need to even get back to something. Every step counts.

    Pip when you going to over take 1st place?

    Beth I'm so sorry about your horrible leg injury but how lovely that it has helped he you'd like to spend more time with your husband. I sincerely hope your recovery is easier than it sounds. Anyone can make a salad or a chicken breast. Let them start small. They can do it.

    Michele wet here too. I'm hoping IDA stays away.

    Heather when your book is published are you going to give us the name so we can also read it?

    My update. I've been super busy at work. I've fallen down with stress eating.

    I have 3 preps with some wonky software that doesn't autoupdate so I'm hand transferring grade, the kids are not prepared for the rigor of the class so I'm having to go back and teach key concepts from the last 3-4 grade levels, my admin which also messed up my preparation this summer still has not gotten the materials needed for the class so I"m cobbling together things in 3 wildly different topics. Though 1 does have a nice material set. I am calling and zooming and doing holding help sessions the best I can but I had to split them apart so now I have 9 help sessions each week becuase the Stats kids don't really want to learn Java LOL. I'm just running out of time each day but I refuse to let the kids down so I'm doing what i have to do to help them. In the meantime I was up at 3 am doing slide decks and on a zoom call with a kid at 7:45 this evening.

    The last straw was the last minute meeting at 3 pm they released a schedule for some internal testing we do at the beginning of the year and they had me on the list for 12 hours of testing. Now when I agreed to 3 preps (being told the material is all predone) I also stated the would mean no homeroom and no internal testing, nothing beyond the 3 preps and state testing. At the beginning of the year they already added Graduation assurance and now this.

    TLDR: Fed up applied for 3 jobs today.
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    Happy day! The humidity finally broke last night and today it was nice 22 degrees.
    I finally went for a nice long walk tonight and booked kayaking for Saturday and Sunday after work.

    Tomorrow will be a better day.