Apple Juice

Anyone have any recommendations for a sugar free/low sugar apple juice or water enhancer?

I'm hesitant about the water enhancers because I feel like it won't taste the same as apple juice, but one of my friends said there was a Great Value one that was sugar free and tasted great. I can't seem to find it anywhere, so I am thinking it may have been discontinued.

I typically love the Simply Apple brand; however, I am trying to avoid all the sugar so am looking for a new substitute to try. Any suggestions are welcome!


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    You could just dilute the Simply Apple. Buy a bottle, pour a glass that's half juice and half water, or whatever proportion helps you meet your sugar goals. Use club soda/seltzer and do it like Italian soda style, if you want to feel ~fancy.~

    It's been a while since I've bought juice of any kind but I remember about 15 years back there was this whole big thing, the juice companies were advertising a "light" version of the juice with "1/3 less sugar!" and it was just watered down.
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    Well, apple juice is going to have natural sugar in it, but if you are talking about added sugar…try Simple Truth brand. You can find it at Kroger (if you have one near you). You can also look for apple juice concentrate in the frozen section. Just check the label to see if there is added sugar. That will also give you the option of how diluted you want your juice to be.

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    Unfortunately there aren't any Kroger stores near me! I do know they offer some type of grocery shipping now though, so maybe I'll check their website. I had not really looked into apple juice concentrate, but maybe that will be my next stop.

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    You could try Apple Extract. I have several extracts I use to flavor seltzer I make myself with a Sodastream and the brand I buy does have apple. The fruit flavors take about a half teaspoon per liter and the citrus flavors take about 1/4 teaspoon.

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    Kroger sells health type foods online through their site. You get free shipping at a certain threshold and they email coupons out about every five minutes.

    I’ve been buying my Walden farms and a few other items through them. Stunningly well packed and fast delivery, but acres of wasted packing material to dispose of and takes forevvvvvvvvwr to unpack a box.

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    So Apple Juice is going to have sugar, there are a ton of no added sugar Apple Juice brands. I buy the Great Value one from Walmart, but due to the natural sugars in apples the sugar and calorie content is still pretty high for me in regards to what I like to allocate for beverages, so I don’t drink just straight juice.

    I will dilute half a cup into a large glass of water, or I like to use the Mio water enhancers, but I have not seen an Apple flavored one
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    Unless your a diabetic, why are you trying to avoid all sugar?

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  • You are still consuming a very sugary drink.. 8 ozs. of Simply Apple has 25 grams of sugar, compared to 27 grams in the same amount of Pepsi. Basically the same, in terms of sugar.. better nutrition of course, but the problem with fruit juice, is we think it isn't as bad as Pepsi, but all sugars break down to glucose eventually, so the body sees them as the same as far as sugar.

    If someone suggested diluting Pepsi, would you try that? No, we avoid pop, and by drinking fruit juice, we are just lying to ourselves, about it being healthy for you.

    If you are going to consume fruit.. try real fruit. A medium apple does have 19g of sugar, but more fiber, so it gets absorbed into the bloodstream slower... fruit juice is basically just directly pouring sugar down you throat.

    Nutrition.. it has Vitamin C & potassium.. A cup of strawberries has 99% of the C you need, and only 7 g of sugar.. a cup of broccoli has 114% of the RDA for C, and 1.5 g of sugars. To get potassium, you could have a cup of spinach, potatoes, or beans.. all providin 10-20% of the RDA... double in a cup of apple juice.

    If you absolutely WANT to have apple juice, then dilution is the best option, on juice which has no added sugars. I'm just wondering why anyone would drink fruit juice.. the real fruit is better. Jucie simply removes the fiber, and makes it easier to absorb the sugar. Wondering if you've ever asked how healthy this sugary drink IS.

    Whatever you decide.. Good Luck.