Hit 100lb weight loss goal!

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I joined MFP years ago, but I got serious about my weight loss in January, 2020 after suffering from pulmonary embolisms and being diagnosed with a heart defect. After several weigh loss failures, I decided to make a plan I felt was feasible for me. I have stuck to a primarily plant-based diet, reset my calories weekly, which is eye-opening, tracked everything, and started power walking and eventually jogging 5 days a week. I typically do 4 miles 6 days a week. I then added basic strength training to the mix 2-3 times a week. I have followed 16:8 intermittent fasting 6 days a week, which has worked wonders for my appetite.

I also save my exercise calories and eat most of them on the weekends. I toyed with not doing that, but didn't put a hard date on my weight loss. It has made the journey so much more tolerable for me. Slower yes, but much better for me.

I'm typically a private person so I don't share my diary. That said, I have posted questions that have been answered thoughtfully which I appreciate.

It took me 634 days. I have had more slipups than I can count, but proud I stayed committed. I'm rewarding myself with a Tempo Plus, which I have been drooling over for a year. And, more importantly, I'm taking a diet break to test maintenance. I still have a few pounds to go, but I have only taken two week long diet breaks.

None of these are my favorite photos, but the before and afters capture the weight loss fairly well.



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    Great job!!! You look amazing!

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    Congratulations on your awesome achievement!

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    Congratulations! You look great. This is inspiring!

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    Congrats!! You are truly inspiring!!

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    great job! you look fantastic!
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    congratulations you look awesome! love your shirt too!
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    congratulations! doing it YOUR WAY !!
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    Awesome job! I'm close to losing 100 lbs myself. Lost 94 lbs as of today in about 13 months. It takes a lot of character to get back up when you fall and keep on chipping away at that rock. Just keep on keeping on. :)

    Congratulations! You're absolutely correct.
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    Congratulations! Slip ups are just part of life and we keep going! You look fantastic and love that smile! :)
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    You look so healthy and vibrant. Is the dog your walking buddy? He looks so cute.
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    Oh wow! What an inspirational post! I love your attitude, you come across as very level headed and determined. I really like the idea of saving exercise calories for the weekend/ special occasions, I'm looking for something to motivate me to exercise more and reading this was a bit of a light bulb for me!
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    KarmaKamen wrote: »
    You look so healthy and vibrant. Is the dog your walking buddy? He looks so cute.

    I wish. We adopted her a few years ago and she gives me a block then wants to go home. Lol
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    Fantastic job. Congratulations! I eat plant-based too.
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    Amazing transformation! You must be so proud of yourself. Keep up the great work. Hugs.
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    You’re amazing. Congratulations!
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    Great transformation.
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    Amazing job!
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    That is incredible! So inspiring!
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    you look absolutely stunning, super proud of you ❤😍
    love that Boo, You *kitten* shirt btw 😘😉