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    Old thread but one bad habit which I notice in maintenance is that over time I start to eat faster and faster instead of savoring. Just reminding myself to take smaller bites and enjoy the food helps.

    Yes, I’ve noticed this, too, lately. Also looking at phone or other distractions while eating.

    BTW- somewhere I saw you post about what you had noticed in some others about gradually shifting up goals & gradually adding back lbs. Remembering that post had helped me many times. Thank you!
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    Bumping this! It's a super old thread but would love to hear more comments. I have been maintaining for two years and while it has become my life to be healthy, there is still always the fear in the back of my mind that I will get fat from eating too much or indulging in sweets. I have found that I am not the kind of person who can really practice moderation with is better for me to avoid it, which I do 95% of the time or more. If I am PMS and really craving a sweet, sometimes I just go for it but I know it is tough to get it out of my system and fight that sugar addiction.

    I am a Jedi also and do all of the tricks mentioned, like keep foods out of the house completely or have foods that are tempting hidden in the cupboard. I am thankful my man and son are supportive and want to be healthy, too.

    I know my body enough now to feel when I have been deviating and it is catching up to me and all I have to do is jump on the scale and yep-feeling confirmed. Thankfully when I get back to cleaner eating, I level out again.

    It's a lifestyle--not a destination. That is the most important piece for me. And it is the life I want and that brings me the most joy!

    Hi @nay0meh
    I do the things you list.
    I don’t eat out or get takeout.

    We only eat two foods that have a bit of sugar (and that I’ve learned I can definitely control.)

    The one thing I noticed in the past month (almost 40 months maintaining 70 lb loss) was a little voice saying, “I don’t want to weigh & track all my food.”
    But I did because…
    1. I want accurate data.
    2. I was obese 40+ years; it’s very easy for me to eat a lot or make poor food choices.
    3. I know for sure it’s not the voice I should listen to. It’s the voice that will have me waking up a while from now obese & unhealthy again.
    4. I need to keep some macros/micros below certain values for health reasons & the only way I can do that is to track my food accurately.

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    No such thing as maintenance.
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    No such thing as maintenance.

    I'm thinking you and I must define "maintenance" differently, because maintenance is where I think I've been for 6+ years now, after multiple previous *decades* of obesity.

    Healthy BMI? Check.
    Good, normal blood tests/blood pressure, unlike in the past? Check.
    Same clothes size? Check.

    To me, that's maintenance.

    Will I stay there the rest of my life? Don't know, but I'm working at it.

    I don't think maintenance means never having to think about managing eating or bodyweight again, ever. My always-slim friends don't ignore those things, either.

    How would you define "maintenance", since you seem to think it's unachievable?
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    Have lost about 85 lbs & I've been at or under my goal weight for over 8 years and fortunately have not really had an issue with staying on track except for vacations. That's when I'll eat foods I don't normally choose and will eat more than usual. My mind set is that when I get home, I'll get back on track no delay and no excuses. Even on vacation though I track everything and get in some exercise every day. Never really gained much more than a pound or two.

    For me I think the "secret sauce" was never really going on a diet. I made small sustainable changes and over time changed the way I ate in a way that I really like and is easy to maintain. If I do find my weight has crept up in my range (+/- 3 lbs from goal) I'll not do much different except to make sure I'm accurately tracking everything and really staying at my daily goal. And I'll forgo the wine for a few nights.