Newbie questions

I am new to this app. I have been real with my logging, even if I have gone over. But usually I am a little under. I have been doing it 11 days and have not lost weight. For those who have been at this longer, Curious how important it is to eat full calories?
Also, any tips moving forward?


  • goal06082021
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    11 days is basically no time at all. Stick with it for a good month or two - 2 full menstrual cycles if your body does that - and then see where you're at. Also, be sure to weigh yourself under the same conditions every time - same time of day, same scale in the same place on the floor (which should be level and hard, no carpet and the scale shouldn't wobble), wearing the same clothes or lack thereof, at the same point in your routine (e.g. after using the toilet first thing in the morning).

    Also, try to hit your goal every day. Under-eating will catch up with you eventually - slow and steady is the way, don't try to speed run this
  • nanastaci2020
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    I agree with the 1-2 month timeline. You should see some scale changes in that time. Be accurate & honest with your food logging. Be consistent with your weighins. Look for the trend over time.