Friday weigh-in thread, 1-21-2022

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Yo. How'd you do?


  • misterhub
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  • steve0mania
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    I'm even-Steven! To be fair, I should probably have been up a pound for the week, as we celebrated Mrs. 0mania's birthday (with cookies and wine), and I had a Zoom happy hour with a friend of mine last night (with pizza and beer). I guess I'll take it for now, but I won't be surprised if I have another "flat" week next week.

    More in the 10 pound challenge.

  • Al_Howard
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    At WW, a new low, down 1.4# to 217.6#, shoes and all!
  • goldenfrisbee
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    Up .4

    SW 327
    CW 285.4
    GW 195
  • crewahl
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    Well - so much for my thoughtful post from this morning.

    Down 4.6.
  • whathapnd
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    As I mentioned previously, I'm not going to weigh for awhile but will focus on/report on behavioral changes of diligent tracking and calorie deficit (and eventually more movement) each week.

    Tracking was great this week - - the good, the bad and the ugly. I improved over last week's deficit of 2200 calories to about 2900. There were still too many snacks. But more fruits/veggies this week.

    More in 10 Pound Challenge.

    Have a great week!
  • whathapnd
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    I forgot to add:

    Way to go @Al_Howard!! That's fantastic news!!
  • cakeman21k
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    down 2.6 for the week and 9.1 for the challenge
  • imastar2
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    edited January 22
    Up .4 lbs this week. Wasn't able to concentrate this week on losing. DW has been sick for better than a week. It's always a struggle when one or the other of us is sick. Looking for a better week ahead.