Random Poll - Ketchup/Catsup

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On Facebook, I occasionally post what I call a random poll. They're intended as a diversion. So, I thought I'd post one here.

On what food items do you like to put ketchup?
On what food items would you NEVER put ketchup?
More controversially, is it ketchup or catsup?


  • podkey
    podkey Posts: 4,725 Member
    Ketchup for sure. I don't have never never choices per se like some of the Eastcoasters. Call me a heretic but I have enjoyed tasty hot dogs with the works including onion, relish, ketchup and mustard. I also like real german brats normally with just german mustard and sauerkraut . I might guess that in addition to being somewhat of a foodie mecca in the PacNW we are perhaps more open to trying new things too.

    I like pomme frites with many different things including british style with malt vinegar, ketchup, and other dipping sauces.

    I "always" want to put some on my burgers and like Portland Ketchup the best!! Much better than Heinz which was my old standby. It is a much more complex tasty flavor for those who haven't tried it.
  • steve0mania
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    Ketchup for me as well. I don't use it very much, but on the occasional burger or hotdog I'll put some on. I don't usually put ketchup on fries as I prefer them with salt-only. There might be the rare occasion where it goes with other red meat, but I don't really like a lot of condiments on things anyway.

    I guess I'd "never" put ketchup on anything else? It's hard to think broadly enough about this question. For a turkey sandwich or wrap I prefer mayo or mustard and I guess I wouldn't put ketchup on it, though I'm not sure that I'm so dogmatic about it.
  • Al_Howard
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    Catsup (easier to spell, LOL).
    Burgers, fries, and not much else. Things I used to use it on, I now do salsa.
  • crewahl
    crewahl Posts: 1,875 Member
    Ketchup - because that what Mrs. Kerry calls it. I use it on hot dogs (“oh, the humanity . . . “) and hamburgers. Otherwise, it stays in the fridge.
  • whathapnd
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    Ketchup for me.

    I put it on fries, burgers, onion rings. (Rarely eat onion rings.) Maybe a tad on scrambled eggs if there are home fries/hash browns on a diner breakfast plate, but never at home. I glaze meatloaf with a combo of ketchup/yellow mustard and a smidge of brown sugar. I may add a bit of ketchup on the side while eating meatloaf but usually don't - - at least not with the recipe I use.

    For me, ketchup only goes on a hotdog if there's no chili available. So basically at the ballpark.

    We have a friend who puts ketchup on EVERYTHING. Years ago, I spent two days making cassoulet for a group we were having over for dinner I knew this friend want ketchup, so I had it ready for him. No offense taken.
  • whathapnd
    whathapnd Posts: 1,128 Member
    BTW, in terms of what NOT to put ketchup on, I think Ketchup's tag line should be:

    "Pairs well with fatty and salty foods."
  • cakeman21k
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    Its ketchup for me now & forever!
    Burgers dogs fries, scrambled eggs, home fires, with some horseradish as a cocktail sauce for numerous diffent types of seafood.
    Never put it on pork of any kind, does not work with boiled or baked potato, Cereal not a chance, bread nope, lots of others
  • imastar2
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    Ketchup for me. Hotdogs, Hamburgers, some seafood always with fresh ground horseradish especially with boiled shrimp.
  • 88olds
    88olds Posts: 4,144 Member
    Ketchup. And in Chicago you can get in fights putting it on hotdogs.

    But I put it on scrambled eggs. Never on chicken.
  • RedSassyPants
    RedSassyPants Posts: 348 Member
    Ketchup here
    I ONLY use It on a burger (with other things including mustard and mayo)
    and on the side with french fries
    i tend to like bolder flavors like spicy brown mustard and BBQ sauce
  • podkey
    podkey Posts: 4,725 Member
    Oh sinse ketchup is a more general word likely derived from the Chinese to refer to a variety on condiment sauces, I should mention that I like the spicy version banana ketchup made in the Philippines. That one pairs very well with rice dishes for sure.
  • Jimb376mfp
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    Love ketchup on French fries.
    Also on a cold meatloaf sandwich and grilled cheese.

    Learned as an adult to NEVER put it on steak.
  • lowbar31
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    Ketchup (that answers the last question) goes on hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, some seafood and fried chicken strips. It would never, ever go on macaroni and cheese, but I've seen people do it.