Need overides want..

Hi all.. I'm a 47yr old chap living in the UK. Since breaking my ankle in 7 places 14 years ago and undergoing 7 operations, one to actually save my left leg, I'm now left with Chronic Lymphoedema in both legs and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I am disabled but I used to be fit, very fit in fact, I used to have a six pack and could run 100 metres in under 11 seconds. Alas I can't run any more.. and through emotional eating, depression, and frustration the pounds have piled on. I'm 26 stone or 364lbs. I NEED to get my life back, not just for the physical benefits bit also for my mental health. I'm sick and tired of struggling.. now don't get me wrong, I'm not sitting on the sofa all day filling my face with junk foods and drinks. Quite opposite actually. I make wooden toys to keep my mind and hands busy to manage pain. My issue is meal size so hopefully I can use My fitness app to cut back on the foods I do have and give me more ideas on the sort of foods I love in a way that is in keeping with a hethier life style. I'm going to take measurements and photos and keep track of my journey. I hope to to lose 10 stone and get down to 16 stone or 224 lbs over the course of a year. So I thank you for taking the time to read this.. I wish you well on your journey.. and Hi :)


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    Welcome to MFP! Sounds like you had quite a challenging period, I didn't even know you could break an ankle in so many places 😳

    You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders though and a plan. MFP was a godsend for me, 70+lbs lost. Logging food really is eye-opening!

    I wish you success! The stickied topics at the top of each subforum are worth a read, as well simply reading the questions posted on the forums and the answers they receive. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂
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    Welcome to MFP.

    My trainer is a 73 year old woman. Seven years ago she was in a serious car accident and a stint in a spinal center (where they told her she wouldn’t walk again), and then she nearly bled out after a fall in the gym, injuring the same leg. She now has complex regional pain syndrome.

    I don’t want to say she “suffers” from complex regional pain. It’s something she deals with and tbh, if it had feelings, I’d say it “suffers” from her.

    I’m just throwing her out there to say, FWIW, it’s something you can overcome. I’m sorry you have to, but you’re not destined to this “thing” unless you choose to be.

    It’s determination, albeit grim determination.

    Much success to you. Getting some of the weight off will help. I’d send you a dash of her pig headedess if I could.

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    Hiya, I used to be stupidly fit and healthy like you. Nearly a decade ago now my immune system malfunctioned and it’s caused me a whole host of issues. One of which being an allergy to exercise, yep exercising could quite literally kill me. Over the course of several years different medications and treatments have resulted in me gaining weight, something I wasn’t used to before. However I am strictly diet only and I managed to lose the weight and to maintain my weight in a healthy way now. Granted a diet only way is harder but it’s also possible. Good luck