Heavy cream substitutes

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Does anyone know what can be substituted for heavy cream in recipes? I am lactose intolerant and can't find anythign like heavy cream. I would like to make some cream soups like cream of mushroom, to add to some recipes, but they all seem to call for heavy cream. Would evaporated milk work for that?


  • goal06082021
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    Coconut milk is lactose-free and works well in many creamy soups. Pureed silken tofu also works pretty well, as do white beans, also pureed.
  • SuzySunshine99
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    I substitute half and half in a lot of recipes that call for heavy cream.
    You can get lactose-free half and half...I think Land-o-Lakes brand has one.

    There are also dairy-free versions of heavy cream...I have never tried them, so not sure how good they are or if they'd work in soup.
  • hesn92
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    coconut milk
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    I often substitute evaporated milk for heavy cream. I like the richness and it's shelf-stable. I think it would work fine for cream-of soups. If you can tolerate it, go for it.

    I use it for ganache, too, for the record.
  • Xerogs
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    My wife uses canned coconut cream as a heavy cream substitute. There are also a few soy based options out there worth doing a search for if you don't like the hint of coconut. There are also recipes out there for almond and cashew based creams as well.
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    Yes there is a soy based cream, I have tried this with very good results: https://www.iga.net/en/product/soyaprep-for-cooking-organic/00000_000000067449111175

    It's more of a cooking cream than a whipping cream.

    I would not use evaporated milk because that is still a dairy product.
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    If this were me...and it's not. I'd probably not waste my time making the soup just to add to a recipe. I haven't used canned soup in cooking in about a million years, it is 100% unnecessary. All you actually need is the right seasonings, chicken stock (or base), and constarch/flour and cream/milk. Since you're lactose intolerant, just use lactose free milk. Carnation (and probably other brands) make a lactose free evaporated milk as well. Use either one of those, season it, add some chicken base (or whatever you like) and thicken it with flour. You're basically making a creamy gravy.
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    Because of the high fat content and low sugar content, there is very little lactose in heavy cream.
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    Evaporated milk would probably have more lactose than cream as cream is high fat, lower lactose. I’d use the coconut cream mentioned by some or potato starch (to thicken a bit) if you’re not too worried about carbs