How can I get rid of this weight (might be water weight) quick?



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    I want to add that I have said some harsh things on here....not meaning any of them in a bad way. The bold truth is needed right now. I too care for you even though I don't know you. I too am concerned for you. I am a military veteran, I have had to lose weight multiple times in my life...I have never been concerned about the weight of the water in my body...that's like being concerned about how much your bones weigh. Water is essential for life...just like bone, muscles, organs, and skin are. We need all of those to be healthy. Choosing to cut one of those out to please the number on a scale is very concerning. I can only imagine the anxiety you are feeling over this right now...truth be told the veterans hospital just diagnosed me with PTSD today so I have my issues too. We all have issues. But it's important we take care of them so we can be happier AND healthier. You deserve that honey. You do. Please throw that scale away, get off of here and call a therapist so that you can be happy with yourself.
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    I'll just go ahead and ask outright - OP, do you have a history of ED?

    As someone else pointed out, that would go far in explaining your mom's supposed refusal to "let" an adult woman buy something that costs maybe $30.

    My mom thinks it is a waste of money to keep ordering things with her money when I don't have a full time job (she pays for most of my cost) . But I don't have an eating disorder exactly , I eat normal calories, I just do admit since losing weight 10 years ago, I don't have regular people thoughts. I know that happens a lot when you lose weight. Especially with tracking calories, I get addicted to measuring stuff and making sure I don't over-eat.. so I will say I don't think like a normal person with no history of weight loss. I wasn't built skinny.

    This is disordered thinking about food, eating, drinking, and bodyweight. Whether it's an "eating disorder exactly" is a technical question for a qualified eating disorders therapist. Those are the experts we should consult, even if we may not have an eating disorder, but have something other than "normal people thoughts" about food, eating, drinking and bodyweight.

    Find one. See one. Please. There are free resources in many communities or online.

    It's not a standard thing even for people who've lost weight to have those thoughts. (I've lost weight, nearly all the people on both your threads have either lost weight - some of them lots of weight, like tens or even more than 100 pounds - or are in the process of losing weight now.) We're all telling you that how you're thinking about this is distorted.

    For a 5'3" 26 year old woman weighing 105 pounds, 1100 is not "normal calories".

    MFP doesn't want women to go below 1200 calories, because it isn't healthy, unless under very close doctor supervision.

    You are at BMI 18.6, which is just barely above underweight. (The official technical medical definition of "underweight" would be anything below BMI 18.5.) Your previous weights, that you're striving to get back to, are officially underweight. It's not healthy to be underweight - not physically healthy. It's rare, even, that a woman would need to be that near the lower border of normal weight: The majority of women's healthiest weight will be above BMI 18.6.

    Given your characteristics, your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is higher than 1100 calories. (It would be estimated around 1200.) Basal metabolic rate is the bare number of calories it takes just to stay alive over time, breathing, heart beating, lying in bed all day every day, never moving, never getting up. Even a very sedentary woman your size would burn around 1500 calories, and that's with extremely minimal activity, no exercise, mostly sitting/laying, just doing basic things like getting dressed, moving between rooms in the house/flat, etc.

    You are eating below the number of calories estimated to sustain your life, and doing it as a woman on the border of underweight. That is not "eating normal calories".

    You may feel that this sounds harsh. If so, I'm sorry. Though I'm a complete stranger, I'm truly and sincerely concerned about you. Your health and well-being is at risk. Please seek help sorting out these thinking patterns. Find a therapist, ideally one qualified with eating disorders. Please.

    Maybe you missed it, but I said I just recently started 1100 cal to see if the scale would budge since I did gain 3 lbs in the middle of no where, just on a day after drinking more water and still haven't lost it. I usually eat around 1300-1350 calories (and once a week around 1700 cal or so sometimes kind of hard to track) And I know a lot of people who look similar to me so I don't think I am underweight. Also someone else didn't get the memo

    I noticed most of the people on here are very condescending, but then again, what can you expect from people typing behind a screen. Everyone here just changed the narrative, all I was trying to do making these posts was see how I can speed up the frequency/amount of urination and I know many of you wouldn't be happy if you put in work and ate in your calorie range and just gained weight bc you don't pee as much as everyone else. Thats all. And yes I do know my thoughts about this water thing is kind of messed up, I am aware but I can't help but think this way.. I don't need any professional help to tell me this, nothings gonna change my thought process.
    At 5’3 and 103 you think you aren’t built skinny? I’m going to be harsh here with the nicest of intentions. Your posts, your anxiety about drinking water, your repetition in posts, suggests you need help. And by that I mean professional therapy help - not random strangers on the internet. You are feeding your anxiety and looking for a magic answer - by ignoring your dehydration you are playing a v v dangerous game with your health. You won’t listen to the accurate info given so you’re not ready to listen to common sense. Please go and seek professional help for your issues and concentrate on getting better.

    Maybe you missed it, but I was not naturally this weight. I was 125 lbs at my highest 10 years ago...