Keto or Low Carb go to snacks

Hey awesome people, I've been on and off Keto for years. Low carb sometimes can get repetitive. I was looking for ideas to help keep my net carb low. I use low carb 2g tortillas and low carb bread to help.


  • yirara
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    May I ask a question that's a bit confrontational: Is there a medical question you're on low carb? If not, this might not be the way to eat for you if you think it's repetitive.
    Maybe avocado and nut salad or something along the lines?
  • DFW_Tom
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    I keep a variety of these on hand for a quick fix against snack attacks:

    Bell pepper - with plenty of ranch dressing
    Broccoli and Cauliflower heads - like to dip them in a spicy, fatty sauce
    Sharp cheddar cheese (in blocks so it is easy to slice off a 1 oz serving)
    Avocado - sliced and seasoned with salt, pepper, cayenne
    Keto meal Leftovers - just try not to go crazy in serving size
    Jerky - a bit pricey but satisfying
    Almonds - smoked/roasted
    Peanuts - roasted
    Keto biscuit - made in batches and frozen, thaw in microwave (lots of recipes online)

    Turn that avocado into some guacamole by smashing in some onion, jalapeno, tomato, cilantro, lime juice. Then mix with plenty of sour cream and EVOO. Add seasoning to taste. I don't handle carbs well at all, eating just a few tortilla chips leaves me powerless to not eat the whole bag with my guac. I either spread it on keto bread toast, or eat with a spoon. It is very good and filling on keto toast, but even that can set off my carb cravings for a couple of hours. Experiment and find out what works for you, and don't forget to log the macros on your daily food intake.

    As for low carb meals, there are plenty of ideas and recipes. You'll want to try a variety and see what works best for you and your system. If repetition bothers me, then I just go hungry until it doesn't. I'd rather get to the point where I eat to live instead of being one of those who lived to eat like I use to.

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    Chobani zero sugar yogurt is good. 70 calories per 170g serving, 1 carb, and 11 protein. As an added bonus it is also lactose free