7 stone to go!

Hey ladies and gents :)

Back again after nearly a decade and numerous lbs heavier. Need to lose about 7 stone to get me to where I think I want to be. My BMI is 45.9 and currently weigh 309.3lbs. Today is day one. I can do this. I will do this :)


  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,511 Member
    Yes, you WILL do this! You've got the determination and drive in your words!
    Keep reading and finding encouragement/wisdom in other people's stories. Take each day as it comes and keep tweaking until your plan all works for you. Good luck!
  • LemonMarmalade
    LemonMarmalade Posts: 215 Member
    Yes you can and yes you will!
    I made the same bad choice to leave after losing a good bit of weight and having gallbladder surgery years ago. I’m back, and have some work to do!!!
    We can do this. Feel free to add me as a friend and we will work together!