Stripping fat/stubborn areas

Hey, how do i create settings on becoming lean, or isn't there such a thing, it's asking my current weight and what weight I want to be, but I don't know, i really want to strip as much fat as I can but not seeing anything to support on here, I am new so will take some getting used to and have just signed up to premium.


  • Lietchi
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    Your goal weight doesn't really do anything particular (it doesn't influence your calorie goal , you can just a put a provisional goal and reassess along the way. If you want to lose fat, choose a rate of loss. Generally, aiming for 0.5-1% of bodyweight per week is recommended - without knowing anything about you it's hard to give more specific advice.
  • sijomial
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    "It" (the goal set up) also asks you to select a rate of weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance.

    That's the part that takes away calories from the level it calculated from your stats to be your weight maintenance for a day with no exercise if you want to lose weight.

    It's absolutely nothing to do with paying for Premium or not so save your money.
  • cmriverside
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    To choose a goal weight you can Google "BMI" for a general range for your gender and height.

    Like it was mentioned above, your goal weight doesn't influence the calories allotted.
  • cwolfman13
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    You don't have to select a goal weight. It doesn't do anything as far as the calculations go for your calorie target.
  • gpanda103
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    You can just select an arbitrary goal weight and then start from where you are. In my opinion, BMI is just a guideline. I would find an optimal body fat you can sit at year round