Help! CICO stopped working

I’m frustrated. After being on this app and maintaining my weight with cico for 5 years my body stopped responding to cico. I gained 15lbs in one month and none of my typical methods are working. I even went down to 800 calories per day and I didn’t lose an ounce.

I’ve been to a few doctors, had my thyroid and blood work checked. All normal. What happened to me? I’m really getting sad about this because I was so confident. Now not so much. Any help appreciated.


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    Can you be more specific? What's your bodyweight now, what was your starting weight (at the very beginning of loss); had there been steady loss then a sudden increase, or had it gradually shifted from loss to gain, or are you trying to maintain and had been successfully maintaining at some calorie level (for how long, at what calories?) before regaining; has there been any change in your daily life activities or exercise routine; etc.?

    To gain 15 pounds of fat, you'd theoretically need to eat 52,500 calories (cumulatively) above your maintenance calorie needs, which is a pretty big number. Usually, a sudden gain (without massive changes in intake or life routines) is mostly water weight for some reason, not fat weight.
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    I was 115 lbs now 130. I have been doing the same workouts consistently. Maintaining at 1350 calories. No changes in daily life. I’m cutting calories and it’s like my body stopped responding.
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    Can’t imagine trying to live on 800 calories
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    Totally agree with the above poster. 15 # gain in one month would require some heavy duty eating. Sounds like something else might be going on. Is your scale going wacko? If not, get a 2nd opinion!
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    Have your kidneys been checked? I also have had a 10 pound gain I couldn’t shake when traveling by air (high salt and altitude) or summer travel when it’s really hot outside and I go from sedentary air conditioning in the car to hot humid air.

    Look at your ankles. Are they puffy? Is your guy kind of pillowy? That’s water and a sign of retention of kidney issues. Talk to your doctor about it - a diuretic may help. (Don’t just take one - if your kidneys aren’t working you need to know that stat.)

    What has helped me when I have sudden water retention sounds odd but it helps me. It is not a substitute for your doctor. Take a hot bath. Drink cold water in the bath with a bit of lemon juice in it. It seems to make me start to drop that water weight when I have issues after travel.
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    Are you living in some really hot climate? If so, water retention in the summer is just basic biology. It has been really hot in a lot of places, and in some places it went from low to high temps in a very short period of time, which would cause abnormal water retention.

    Heat, travel, salt, sleep, stress, hormones - all can contribute. Barring some illness that you haven't had diagnosed yet, I would imagine it will release if you keep doing what you've been doing to maintain.

    Also, check the batteries on your scale. Mine does weird readings when the batteries are starting to fail.
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    How tall are you?

    Having googled your situation, swelling of ankles, face, fingers are a key symptom.

    What is your normal monthly swing in weight prior to this for the month of June?

    Have your doctors seen you in person ? Have they checked your heart?

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    Is your face puffy (“moon face” look?) its highly unlikely but there is a rare disease endocrinologists check for which results in overproduction of cortisol and rapid weight gain. Did they do a 24 hour cortisol screen of your urine?