60+ 140lbs

Hello everyone.
I am starting yet again😩. Feeling very emotional.
Over 10 stone to lose and 62 years old with a broken ankle.
I am not sure that I can do this but I also don't want to stay as I am.

Looking for support, and friendship with people who understands but who won't enable me to carry on my bad habits.

Anyone else out there who is new (or who has started from a morbidly obese place?)

Thank you for being here.


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    Hello, and welcome to the MFP Community! You might find some kindred folks in this thread:


    Don't be dismayed if you open that up and see old posts. Like any long-running discussion here, the oldest posts are on page one, and the newest ones at the end, on the high-numbered pages. (You can skip straight there, if you like.) That thread is still regularly active, with 60+ folks at all stages of weight management/fitness.

    I'm 66, coming up on 7 years of using MFP next month. I'd been class 1 obese, overweight/obese for several decades (almost all of my adult life), then joined MFP at age 59-60, lost about 1/3 of my bodyweight, and have been at a healthy weight since.

    For me, it was entirely by changing my eating, not by adding exercise. Exercise is great for health, but optional for weight loss. Exercising just gives us a little bigger calorie goal to work with.

    There are quite a few forms of chair exercise videos on YouTube, and here in the US (not sure where you are), AARP and (for those with membership through insurance) Silver Sneakers are other sources of online exercise that include some chair or limited/mobility options.

    You can succeed at this, with persistence and patience. Wishing you huge success - the rewards can be great!