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  • Walela617
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    I added my picture to my Renpho scale app so next week - NO HIDING! I will include my profile pic to show that it's me. Have a great week everyone!
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  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,081 Member
    After yesterday's discovery of no power in my dining room for my air fryer or microwave, the project mgr for my remodel came over and tried to see if he could figure out what's going on. Only thing he could tell is that the kitchen and dining room are on the same circuits, so no luck there, but as of this morning, I discovered in his search to figure out the problem, HE TURNED OFF THE DEN where the refrigerator is...I went out there and fixed that one myself and other than the quick second it was open when I made the discovery first thing this morning (less than a second), I'm leaving it closed today to regain its "cool". So even my plan B went down the drain.

    I went and got a breakfast sandwich and in the same trip picked one up for lunch at another place. Am hoping I'll still feel full enough to skip dinner. We shall see. I just can't win this weekend.

  • LaurieWrobo
    LaurieWrobo Posts: 914 Member
    7/17 8,838
    7/18 7,865
    7/19 10,031
    7/20 7,923
    7/21 7,194
    7/22 6,289
    7/23 6,849
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,081 Member
    Got up about two hours ago after reading for an hour and decided to do a rapid 25 min I could do in all this's really hot today...especially in the afternoon when the sun faces the front of my house. UGH...drank lots of water and after that laid down for a bit. Got up a while about a half hour ago and did a leisurely walk while hanging up some clothes and doing a little bit around the house...still need to clean the poo box, but that will likely wait til after it's dark or first thing in the morning. Hit my step goal for the day, so that's good...

    How's everyone else holding up today? Preparing for the back-to-work fun of Monday? Yeah, me neither...I'm going to try and have a good attitude, but seems like this heat is going to extend through the week although it might rain a bit here in VA on Tuesday so the high will only be 90 (what a break, right?!) We'll take it though...

    Hope you guys have a great week!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @jessicakrall8 - I went to a show in Georgetown that a friend of ours co-wrote. It was really funny! My husband didn’t want to spend any time walking around the area after the show because it was hot; but we got some food from a kabob place that we like and took it home. It was delicious! I got up early to row this morning and I’m getting up early again tomorrow so I’m heading to bed within the hour. After rowing, I just read a book in the hammock on my upstairs porch, which is screened in and has a ceiling fan. I took a very brief nap, walked the dog before driving to Georgetown, and then watched a movie . My husband was opening a bottle of wine so I had a glass, which put me about 115 calories over my daily target. Oh well —

    I’ll try to make up the difference with a good day tomorrow. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.
  • Jax_Grim
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    Step Goal 14k

    7/17 - 14816
    7/18 - 7627
    7/19 - 8545
    7/20 - 11415
    7/21 - 8527
    7/22 - 8411
    7/23 - 15264

  • Jax_Grim
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    Weigh in day = Sunday
    PW: 239.2
    CW: 239.4
  • Walela617
    Walela617 Posts: 173 Member
    edited July 2022
    Boston got up to 99 around 2pm this afternoon...SO STICKY - YECH! I can hardly wait for the rain - Ahma run OUT in it! ;)

    My bedroom is 88 degrees right now and it's almost 9:30pm. Another night in the parlor on the recliner, I guess...

    Hope it cools off for you soon (if you're also dealing with the heat wave)!

    Have a nice night,
    qddgw476k2ly.jpg (My cat, Mimichou looks like "roadkill" right now!)
  • Pupowl
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    July 21: 17.322
    July 22: 16.645
    July 23: 15.138
    July 24: 15.602
    Good morning Shape Shifters. I have literally done nothing the past few days, so there is nothing to report. The weather has been a little less insane, but I still find myself with zero energy and a lot of headaches. Just taking it easy. Take care everyone <3
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    Walela617 wrote: »
    Hi everyone,

    Happy "International Self-Care Day!" Real talk: I had a significant "lapse" (but not a "relapse" and NOT a "collapse") and I slipped up last week; so I am using this special, commemorative day to take better care of ME! Here are my stats:

    SUNDAY weigh-in:
    HW: 217.0 02/29/08 (Highest Weight) - 54 down as of 06/26/22
    PW: 162.0 06/26/22 (Here we go again!) :)
    PW: 163.0 07/03/22 (+1.0 from 06/26)
    PW: 162.2 07/10/22 (+0.2 from 06/26)
    PW: 161.6 07/17/22 (-0.4 from 06/26)
    CW: 163.8 07/17/22 (+1.8 from 06/26)

    The problem is that when I drink alcohol, I lose all inhibitions and end up overeating all the "wrong" things - things that are not good for me!

    My self-care promise is to cut out all alcohol COMPLETELY, period! This week's experiment should show me what a BIG difference this will make in my wellness efforts.

    Would you like to share in the celebration of this special day? Here is a link to get you started:

    Like so many of us, here in Boston we are having quite the heat wave! I look forward to the humidity breaking and the temps going back down! Stay COOL out there everyone!

    Thank you for this! We are in similar places and I do the exact same thing with alcohol!

    Love your city. Was lucky enough to visit for the first time in April for the marathon. It was warmer than I expected then - but beautiful!
  • SavageMrsMoose
    SavageMrsMoose Posts: 371 Member


    7/18 19,139
    7/18 9688
    7/20 15,372
    7/21 12,685
    7/22 15,221
    7/23 10,077
    7/24 22,269
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    edited July 2022
    @Walela617 - My sons are both in Boston. My older son is living on his college campus and the younger one is living at my mother’s house while working at a summer internship downtown. My younger son rides a bicycle to work but doesn’t mind the heat as much as the older one does. My older son will probably never return to Virginia because of the summer heat and humidity! I hope it cools down soon. It’s more dangerous to people who aren’t acclimated to such heat! I put a small towel in the freezer to use after exercise. It’s such a relief! 😅

    @pupowl - Well, it doesn’t look as though you did nothing with all those steps! I feel more drained of energy on such warm days, too. It’s rare for me to nap in the afternoon because it’s very difficult for me to fall asleep when it’s light outside but I nodded off while reading on my porch yesterday afternoon. Of course, I want to stay in bed all winter when it’s dark though —

    I hope you can get some relief from your headaches. I suffered from migraines for about 40 years (age 15 until a few years ago) to varying degrees and bright hot days were especially painful because it was so hard to sleep until the headache passed. I think mine probably related to hormonal changes with my menstrual cycle. I learned a lot about managing them over the years but hormonal research seems to be an under-researched area overall. Since migraines affect about 1 in five women (& about 1 in 16 men), I hope it gets better!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 997 Member
    @cre804 - I hope your were able to schedule a massage appointment and you are starting to feel better. Good idea! When my husband is traveling, I make lots of plans to accomplish a long list of tasks; but, I find it takes me a few days to get used to the change and build momentum. I only make small strides in the end but any forward progress is better than nothing, I guess. I’m not sure if I should lower my expectations and cut back in my plans or celebrate the incremental progress. For now, I hope you can focus on feeling better and give yourself grace on the task list. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! ❤️‍🩹
  • JenHul
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    Weigh in day= Monday

    PW: 176.6
    CW: 177.8
    LTD: -3.2

    July 21 Steps = 10,433
    July 22 Steps = 11,557
    July 23 Steps = 12,231
    JUly 24 Steps = 5421

    Have a great Day everyone!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 997 Member
    edited July 2022
    @ac204 - I’m sorry to hear about your broken water heater but I’m glad it was fixed. Were you able to catch it before experiencing a leak/ flooding? I hope so! 🤞It’s easy to get derailed under stress. Take care and let us know if there is a specific way we can support you. How are you feeling this week?
  • PatriceFitnessPal
    PatriceFitnessPal Posts: 997 Member
    PW: 197.0
    CW: 195.6
    LTD: 11.4

    Good work, @bearchested, and thanks for the water tips! I sometimes track my water in MFP, and sometimes I don’t, so I appreciated the reminder. I definitely focus on increasing my water intake when I track it.

    @bassclef - Congratulations on your maintenance, too. If we don’t have a gain on weigh-in day, it’s a victory to me. You’re on the right track!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Good Morning SS.... You have 2 new members joining your wonderful team ...Please welcome @JanieD82 and @pedal__power :)
  • ewilhelm2487
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    My goodness, where are y'all all hiding out tonight?! I hope you found somewhere cool to hang is HOT here in Virginia! UGH! I'm going back to laying in front of the fan!

    The humidity just broke here in Michigan after it being 70%+ humidity for over a week. It was 90+ for almost a week straight and thick humidity. It feels like spring outside here now, is glorious!
  • Susanna527
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    Monday Weigh-In
    PW: 202.8
    CW 202.1

    Hope to be more communicative in the coming days, but for now, sending positive energies and good wishes to you all...xo
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