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    My COVID test came back NEGATIVE! I'm so happy...had a great good day today...way under on calories...

    Great news !!! Glad you've had a great day & hope tomorrow is a good day for you too 🙂
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    Hi SS... Another new member joining your awesome team ...Please welcome @KatSpring :)
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    LTD: 12.6

    We had a terrible week, having to say goodbye to one our dogs, Addy, on Monday. While we've somewhat anticipated losing a pet sometime in the next couple years (both her and our other large dog are 11, and our cat is 16) she wasn't showing any signs of an issue. On Friday she was normal. Saturday night she didn't eat (completely out of character) and seemed like maybe her stomach was bothering her. I thought she perhaps ate something she shouldn't, but we really didn't leave anything out (she's a notorious table surfer). She didn't eat on Sunday, but had only vomited once and wasn't indicating she had any pain that would warrant a trip to the emergency vet. Took her to our vet first thing Monday and found her stomach swelling was all internal bleeding. X-rays confirmed that cancer tumors in her chest had ruptured. The vet said we could maybe keep her alive another month or so by doing surgery and chemo, but thought her condition was grave and recommended humane euthanasia.

    I found out about in-home euthanasia a couple months ago, and had been contacting a couple vets who provided that care a couple weeks ago (planning helps me deal with my impeding grief). We were fortunate that one was able to come out Monday afternoon. We took Addy on one more walk, then walked her to one of her favorite spots on one of her favorite blankets. I sat with her and held her, and my wife and kids got to say their goodbyes in between the vet coming in to give a couple doses of sedatives before the final shot. After she passed we said our final goodbye.

    Addy was the first pet my wife and I adopted together. We had only been in Houston for maybe a week and went to the local shelter. Addy was 2, had been a stray all her life, and had the saddest picture on her kennel (they took it after they gave her a bath, and she hates water). For 9 years in our family she was the best cuddler, a great guard dog (that would proceed to lick you, try to jump on you, and then roll over and demand belly rubs if the stranger came in the house), and a best friend to everyone in the family.

    This week I've gone between having zero appetite to eating my feelings to cope with the pain. We're going to a wedding in Uvalde, TX of all places this weekend. Some of you may recall that Uvalde was the location of one of the more recent school shootings in the U.S. It'll will be awhile before I can move past this sadness.

    I've been taking our other dog, Emmy, on her normal walks and meditating (the Headspace app has a great pack on grief). I'll journal about this eventually.

    OMG - I'm reading this & crying - for you - so hard - I said good bye to or 16yo kitty in April & it was sudden-be kind with yourself-it's so hard and then going Uvalde - my thoughts are with you😥
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    @bearchested and @KHill875 I'm so sorry to hear about losing your dogs. My husband and I lost our first dog about a year and a half ago and we still think and talk about her everyday. We were absolutely gutted by her loss. They bring so much to our lives. It sounds like you both have a big hearts to cherish your memories with them.
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    I'm supposed to weigh in on Fridays and this would be my first....but we are still on vacation and I have no access to a scale. I'm not sure of the process...should I post a weigh in when we get back mid-week or wait until next Friday?

    We're doing lots of hiking and biking in the mountains and I went for a kayak this's so beautiful here! I'm sleeping much better this week too, which will hopefully help to set me up for some small successes.
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    Hi SS..Another new member joining your team ...Please welcome @nancyinmo :)
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    @bearchested and @KHill875 I'm so sorry to hear about losing your dogs. My husband and I lost our first dog about a year and a half ago and we still think and talk about her everyday. We were absolutely gutted by her loss. They bring so much to our lives. It sounds like you both have a big hearts to cherish your memories with them.

    Bearchested is my husband, so we are both speaking about the same dog. He is just much better with words than I am. I am so sorry for your own lost beloved pet.
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    My various aches and pains are improving. I’ve been taking it easy for the past week. No walks until yesterday. Still hitting the gym, just modifying where needed. In addition to everything else, I’ve been having issues with my right upper arm. My trainer quickly figured out I have some bad knots in my shoulder. He worked on them a bit-quite painful to treat but it has helped. I finally have a massage scheduled for tomorrow so I’m hoping that will provide some relief.

    My daughter came home Sunday with plans to surprise her dad for his birthday when he got back from Belize but she had a panic attack and left for Houston in a rush. Primarily triggered by staying in her childhood room. We planned on selling our house so hadn’t really updated her room but we’ve put our move on hold so we will need to update her room asap. I have a couple other projects that need attention first but I definitely have to update before thanksgiving.
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    @bearchested and @KHill875 - Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. Addy sounds like the perfect companion. It made me smile and cry simultaneously to read about how she lived so fully with your family after such a tough beginning. It seems as though you all brought her such comfort as she transitioned “over the rainbow bridge.”

    On Monday, we also lost a dog we cared for over the past 11 years. Mitch was our dog’s best friend and he just stayed with us last week. In fact, I picked up Mitch from our friends’ house at exactly this time last Friday and he was here until Wednesday, July 20th. It was also sudden. His oxygen level dropped from 98% in the morning to 75% by the afternoon. The family said goodbye on Monday and we’re getting together for a little memorial or celebration of life next Sunday. My heart goes out to your family. It’s a sad time.

    I’m sure the couple being married in Uvalde will be happy to celebrate their wedding with you. We all need to hug our family and friends a little tighter with all the loss we’re experiencing in this world. I hope their celebration of love is uplifting for you. We definitely need more love in the world. Sending healing thoughts and positive energy to you all. Take care, Shape Shifters!
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    :o Never go out to happy hour with the boys the night prior to weigh-in.
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    @bearchested and @KHill875 and @PatriceFitnessPal - I am so sorry for your losses. Such a sad time. ((hugs))

    I was on vacation last week with the family, in San Francisco. Back this week and playing catch up!
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    Skipped last week as I was on vacation. Happy to just be back close to my start a week later. Now for some progress!
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    StacyAru - steps
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    07/28 : 5,934
    07/29 : 11,425

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    Wed 7/27: 30,168! (what a day!)
    Thu 7/28: 14,215
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    Friday Weigh-in; July week 5
    PW: 226.9
    CW: 228.0 ( gained 1.1 lbs; 0.48%)
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    Hi SS... Another new member joining your awesome team ...Please welcome @KatSpring :)


    WELCOME @KatSpring and @nancyinmo !!! Please take a few minutes and go to pg 1 of this thread and read the FAQ file. I think it will answer many of your questions about how things work around here. I'm Jessica, your Captain and I'm glad you found our team! I hope you find it to be a wonderful source of support, just as I have in the five years I've been here. On behalf of myself and our great Motivators @PatriceFitnessPal and @angmarie28 again, WELCOME!

    Introduce yourself and tell us about some of your goals! In a few days our August chatroom will open and we'll get things moving. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you as you get started!

    Have a great weekend and good luck in August!
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