Back on MFP looking for hardcore accountability

NanElisaP Posts: 17 Member
Hi there, I used to be very active here several years ago.
It's been a rough few years and I've put on some of the weight I lost. I've tried other avenues but my time here was most effective.

I'm looking for a few friends to encourage but more importantly to hold me accountable for the following:

- early morning workouts: I have long work hours and play disc golf after work or do volunteer work (or get home and collapse and forget to be active 🤣) - if I don't get up at 4:45 and make it to the gym - I won't make it. Period.

- eating at home (not out), and completing my diary daily

- checking my blood sugar daily (to stay out of diabetic range)

I also would love strength training recommendations.

And ... big bonus if you're over 45 and successfully losing weight.

I haven't been taking care of myself the last year or so - it's time for that to change.


  • 100over
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    Hi, I'm 52 and same here......have been here before and am starting again :p I am Type 1 diabetic and wear a Dexcom Continuous Glucose monitor so at least it's nice to see my bs's at a glance. My workouts are hit and miss right now and it is so blooming hot it's all I can do to even get out of bed :D I work 10-12 hrs a day and have kids so time is short but at least I work from home so I try to go to the gym in the morning for at least 45 mins
  • AnnPT77
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    Hi, and welcome back!

    I'm honestly a sub-par accountability buddy, but I wanted to stop by and comment on your "strength training recommendations" question. One good starting point, where MFP-ers discuss many different programs they've found beneficial, is here:

    I'm over 45 (66!) but not mostly losing weight: I just passed my 7-year MFP-iversary, just under a year of weight loss, then working to stay within a small span of ups and downs - all within a healthy range and the same jeans size. Age is not an insurmountable barrier, IME.

    I'm pretty active, but I kinda cheat: I'm retired, which gives a lot more schedule flexibility: That does help. I worked out regularly while still working full time (and while still obese), but can do more now.

    Wishing you success!
  • PizzaPowerlifter
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    Hey! I’m not so much for epic accountability, but I certainly can empathize and am aiming for similar goals to yours. I’ve been lifting for a number of years, so happy to answer any questions. Feel free to add me :)