Hello To. New beginning

My story begins a year ago, I was Diagnosed with Caner! Then I started overeating till I gained 45 pounds! Today I’m happy to say I’m Caner free! With 45 pounds to lose! Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated!


  • Betty
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    Welcome to MyFitnessPal. Congrats on being cancer free! Wishing you the best of luck on your health and fitness journey.
  • jpartridge2020
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    Thank you
  • AnnPT77
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    Hi, and welcome to MFP! Congratulations on getting through cancer treatment successfully!

    I'm a cancer survivor, too, but a long termer, at this point. I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer back in 2000, treated in 2000-2001, still no evidence of disease now.

    Losing weight will help your prognosis, with many types of cancer. This thread is the best single on-ramp to how to use MFP for weight management, in my opinion:


    Don't let that joke-y title put you off: It's solid, sensible, easy to understand information.

    Unfortunately - and foolishly - I stayed overweight (class 1 obese) for around 15 years after my cancer treatment. In 2015-16, I used MFP to lose 50+ pounds from obese to a healthy weight, and have been at a healthy weight since, now age 66. Losing weight significantly improved my quality of life. MFP can work!

    Best wishes for much success in accomplishing your goals!