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Keep barcode scan option available for all

swemckenna Posts: 1 Member
Wow, I can’t believe you are taking away the barcode scan from regular users. What a disappointment. I’ve used and recommended this app for more than 10 years. Very sad to lose this feature. Might you reconsider?
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  • suebdo68
    suebdo68 Posts: 1 Member
    edited September 1
    Just received the email about the scan barcode feature only being available to premium members starting 1 October. I just have to say, that is really a bad ploy to get more paying members. That feature is so helpful in many ways and now you're going to make people pay for it. After losing over 90 pounds using myfitness pal, I'm truly saddened by this and most likely will stop using the app and that's unfortunate. I can understand a lot of the other features being premium, but not this one.
  • Betty
    Betty Posts: 8,538 MFP Staff
    edited October 2
    Thanks for your feedback. Moving a feature to Premium is never an easy decision, and we understand your disappointment. Here’s some more info if you’re interested.
  • Genem30
    Genem30 Posts: 430 Member
    edited October 2
    I've used the app for years and have slowly watched it turn to trash, this is definitely the straw. I'll just move all of my information over to the Fitbit app and try out a few alternatives that review well on the Play store. Will be closing my MFP account today.
  • Roontoo
    Roontoo Posts: 2 Member
    edited October 2
    I have been a premium subscriber for years, but now I feel annoyed that new premium subscribers will get a 50% discount to upgrade now that you're taking away the scanning feature for free users. Are you going to offer any incentive to those of us who have already been paying premium for years? Turning off auto renew and reconsidering my premium subscription.