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    Kim ~ Love your new hair cut! And, your pup... <3

    Lisa ~ Love the photo of you with the curly hair.

    Carol in GA
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    Morning ladies from a dull and wet UK - seems to have been raining forever! Not sure I will get the grass cut before winter sets in.

    I've been thinking about Christmas, my friends have decided to forego the bran tub/secret santa this year and have a meal out together instead. This is fine with me, one less present to think about. :) A lot of people over here are worried about the cost of everything, I feel so sorry for the ones with young children, according to the newspapers (if you can believe them) there will be a lot of children without gifts this year.

    My decluttering journey has stalled. The kitchen is the only room where everything has a place. I can't seem to get the rest of the house as organised. I've been watching a lot of decluttering videos with Dawn (Minimal Mom), Cas from Clutterbug and Dana (A slob comes clean). I need to do less watching and more doing :D I'm getting there slowly, I rearranged my bedroom yesterday, but not sure I like it, I'll leave it a few days to see if I can live with it.

    Still catching up so hope everyone is doing okay, sorry I forgot to take notes.

    Take care and love to all <3
    Viv UK

    Organizing is a unique journey for each, that's for sure! When I was struggling, I came across a phrase, that each room provides a purpose. So if you do arts & crafts while you watch tv, well then find a container where you can put by you. No sense putting it in a bedroom if you never do it in there. Same as the bedroom, it shouldn't be a storage area, it should just have the necessities. Our bedroom looks like the day we moved in. Dresser, bed, chair, two nightstands. Its blank walled because I have never figured out what I wanted to put there. Its ok, its just for sleeping. I would suggest writing down each rooms purpose. Then just slowly weed out items that don't make sense to you in the room.👍🏻💖
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    Afternoon ladies
    Back from my daughter ,and my daring Miles is taking a couple steps on his own..
    Got a text from my son checking in which is nice nice to know he is still alive lol
    Im going to take a little nap and then start working on decluttering.. that is my project for the weekend.. im going to try my darndest.
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    Rebecca ~ Your nails and hands are lovely. I am jealous! :)

    Carol in GA
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    This thing gets me giggling every time. Plus, Halloween is Monday.
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    Worked today. Then soup kitchen. Went to get a prescription for Loki and then to Sam’s to find out that we can’t make a payment on the credit card at that Sam’s then WalMart since Vince needed to get a few things.

    Beth – thinking of you and your mom getting to the assisted living place.

    Heather – glad to hear you got your new washing machine!

    Allie – I always said that kids are made of steel with a rubber coating!

    Kim – great haircut! That is so good of you to donate your hair. I know Jess did that a few times

    Rebecca – lovely nails! I used to have nice nails, but it seems that since I started at BK and my hands are always in water, my nails break more often

    Lisa – does he have any brothers? Cousins? Around 40 years old would be nice. I have a daughter who is doing her residency in vet….hint, hint….lol

    Welcome Lucy and Cheespas

    Well, I think I should start decorating the small tree in the kitchen before Vince gets too upset that it isn’t done.

    Michele NC