Coffee while fasting?

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Hey all! While fasting, is coffee acceptable to drink? And if so, with or without heavy cream.


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    Hey all! While fasting, is coffee acceptable to drink? And if so, with or without heavy cream.

    Black coffee without sugar is only fine. Cutting carbs is very important thing in IF.
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    Black coffee is best. Some sources say that a tablespoon or so of cream won't hurt. Generally, anything above 50 calories is considered to break the fast. But if you absolutely can't have coffee without some milk or cream you will at least get the benefit of fewer calories over the day if not all the benefits of fasting.
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    I agree with coffee-plain. I have been doing IF for more than a year. Abt a year was net carbs >45g; Last 2 months net carbs >95g AND that is working well for me. The increase was to allow for more legumes and vegetables.
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    I learned that plain coffee is okay while fasting. But creamer or butter in a coffee throws you out of fasting.
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    I'm on 16:8 and drink 20 oz of black cofee every day b4 I start eating bet 12-2.
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    I drink 2 cups of coffee with 1/2 package of sweetener each 12 hours into my fast and then eat a few hours later.

    Apparently, the sweetener breaks fast. BUT, this is sustainable for me. I am trying very hard to not become obsessive about this process. I am not looking at this as a diet. Instead, I am trying to make a forever lifestyle change. I am also not weighing myself at the moment, content to let how I feel be the measure of my success. This also helps me to focus on lifestyle change vs. Getting to a specific goal.
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    Yes, plain black coffee won’t break your fast. You CANNOT use sweetener because it effectively breaks your fast by spiking your glucose. One of the main reasons why fasting works is because it helps support yours body’s ability to manage its use of glucose. Please don’t use sweetener. You have to be very careful because though some things won’t break your fast there are several things you wouldn’t think would do it actually do like some vitamins or supplements depending on what it is manufactured to include.