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    I did my dumbbells. Thirty reps took me an hour and forty-five minutes. I feel like I made it through on sheer habit, because I'm still discouraged over the lack of weight loss. If I can keep my good habits going through the moody days, I will eventually get the scale moving.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Home safe. Great night. Details tomorrow.

    Kylia needing to sleep in Ohio
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    kymarai wrote: »
    To whoever recommended the book "A Complaint Free World". WOW! Thank you! ...
    Kylia in Ohio where it was cold but the sunshine was wonderful!

    I am reading this book now, also! xo Karen in Virginia
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    Only if you're interested in doing something like this as we go along ...

    Feel Good Feb and/or Exercising the Alphabet in February
    Feel Good Feb

    Exercising the Alphabet in February

    In other words, on February 1, you'd walk to a street that starts with A or do an exercise video hosted by someone whose name starts with A or something ... A.

    On February 2, you'd go swimming at a Beach or play a game of Baseball or something ... B.

    On February 3, you'd go Cycling or Climb some stairs or something ... C.

    and so on.

    There are, of course, 26 letters in the alphabet and 28 days in February, so you'd have 2 free days if you didn't exercise those days or couldn't fit in the next letter of the alphabet.

    I have listed several January highlights so that meets the calendar suggestion for February 1...

    And I walked to the Asian "dollar store" next to the Asian grocers and bought Art supplies at lunch today. That'll be my A. :)

    Put myself in someone else's shoes ... I've been treating my difficult work colleague with kindness by talking to her about her son, complimenting her skirt, talking quietly and gently to her and so on.

    And today, I walked to Bathurst Street to Buy some Books. I also climbed stairs in my Building. :)

    Watch a movie that reminds me of kindness ... probably not tonight!

    C is for Climbing and walking on Collins St!

    Machka in Oz

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    Life takes so many twists and turns and occasionally throws up avalanches. Sometimes we need a shovel and sometimes a detour. :p
    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    No kidding!!

    I've been a lot of places (not just physically) in life I never expected to be.

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    Is the Asian "dollar store" Daiso?
    that is what we have here. LOVED going to the ones in Osaka. They were huge! So fun to check out

    No. There aren't any of them in Tasmania.

    It's called Star Value and it's just a run-of-the-mill shop with a couple branches. But they're closing down their Hobart shop and everything is 40% off so I've picked up all sorts of colouring and art supplies ... and decorative rocks!

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    Machka— Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is smart and also kind. I hope your difficult colleague will respond positively to your compliments & gentle comments. 🌸. I love your art. 💕


    Unfortunately my difficult colleague is still difficult.

    Katla49 wrote: »
    😊 I miss my friends in Oregon, but I have been able to stay in touch with many. I have been able to stay in touch with dear friends thanks to the internet. ❤️

    I'm glad you're able to stay in touch with your friends.

    Machka in Oz
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    Annie- Your comment about the treats made me laugh, because I sabotage myself this way often. BUT REMEMBER! Muscle weighs more than fat! You are building muscle. You probably will have weeks where you don't lose anything, or you may gain a pound or two. BUT give it a couple weeks, keep making the healthier choices (food/movement) and you will see the weight come off. Hang in there! Don't listen to the whispering of the treats! <3
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    My bears are so creative! Brown bear used a card that came in the mail from a local jeweler! Grey bear said that Papaw told him no gifts, but he couldn't help himself! My DH can be so funny and thoughtful!

    Kylia in Ohio where it is really cold today. Not as Cold as Betsy though.;)

    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday, Kylia! Well done for your husband, too... So sweet.
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    7:24 am— I am awake, dressed, & and looking forward to my first cup of coffee. 😊
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    :) Happy Birthday, Kylia What a wonderful bear birthday.