Women 200lb+, Let's Have a Magical May!!!



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    Good morning everyone!

    Saturday weigh in day (for me!)

    34 years old

    SW: 220ish
    Re-SW (Feb 2022): 200.4
    UGW: 150

    SW 5/1: 174.4
    5/6: vacation's all I ever wanted
    5/13: 172.2 (172.8 average)
    5/27: 171.2 (173 average- let me tell you, it's been a wild week for weights)

    💜 May Goals! 💜

    💜 May GW (average): 172.5❌

    🟣Stick to weight loss calories at least 5 days a week❌
    🟣Log everything in grams ❌
    🟣Do at least three fitness classes a week ✅
    🟣More than 80g protein every day❌
    🟣No doomscrolling after 7PM each night✅
    🟣At least 64oz of water a day ✅

    Welp. I did lose between last week and this week, I trust my lows, but I'm kinda living dangerously! Not logging, and this week my weight was as high as 175, with my low being today. So, consistency will net me results, I just have to be consistent.

    Still, not complaining about a new low weight, at all.

    Today I've got blessedly not much to do, just catch up with laundry a little bit, get the kids to little gym, and relax. It wasn't like that.... for the last week, lol.

    Just yesterday, I had a day off work that I planned, and I was like "I'll get some stuff done from my to do list, but I'm also going to relax"..... guess who didn't relax.

    Yesterday I...
    -put away three loads of laundry
    -started another two
    -rushed the kids through the bus stop and pickup stuff, while I...
    -sent out invitations to my kid's birthday party and fielded questions
    -moved all the furniture off the back porch and started cleaning the floor with bleach solution (whatsisface took this over, bless him)
    -cleaned out whatsisface's car (it was an absolute sty)
    -put away all the crap that was in the car
    -loaded and started a load of dishes
    -went to the store and got presents and games for said birthday party, ordered a cake, realized I needed little toys for the top, because this is a local cake shop (that makes really good cake)
    -so I looked through the house for these little figures I could wash and reuse instead of buying more, and....
    -couldn't find them, so I had to dig through the buckets of random toys in the playroom and reorganize to be sure I didn't miss them (when I tell the kids to clean the playroom, they generally just dump all kinds of different toys into the same buckets)
    -started dinner
    -found not enough of the toys, but finished reorganizing the playroom, only a few more buckets to go
    -my houseplants came in, so I potted them and put them in my burgeoning master bathroom jungle before they died
    -put away dishes, loaded new ones, plated up dinner for the kids, ate my dinner super quickly, because....
    -I left for the gym, needed gas, got it, got stuck in traffic, and went to my two hour chair class (it was great, just, after a day like yesterday, it was a lot)
    -Got home and cleaned up the mess from my kid, because my in laws are coming over today

    Relax! I thought I was going to relax! lol.

    Tag party time!
    @pamperedlinny I feel all of this rush-rush, always so much to do! We'll both get it together for the dog days of summer.

    @serenecompassion2663 HELLO RUMPLETEASER! So cute!

    @bonniemcc4 keep the faith, and you are doing great- I don't remember where I got this concept from besides another group on here, but you're having a lot of "non-zero" days. You're doing stuff, and that's the important part. It's not whether we can hit our goals perfectly, it's about making progress.

    @finngirl61 I don't have recommendations for a new one, but I do know most smartphones have a "health" or "fit" type app that can track steps as well, if you didn't want to buy anything right now. Nice to see you around here. :heart:

    @frhaberl Healthier me in 23! I love it! Welcome! Health maintenance and tests are important, get those scheduled! I've got an appointment with a dermatologist coming up to look at a couple of my moles, and I'm dreading it, but it needs to be done! CONGRATULATIONS on the great numbers! I'm very proud of you for facing down health related fears- they can be the scariest/most shameful. I myself didn't take my bp meds for a long time, then I realized that my health is more important than my ego at having to take the meds.

    @badnoodle congratulations! on weight loss, on jogging, on AMAZING food, on purple hair (or the attempt at purple hair, haha!). It is a top-down sweater in the round. I'm almost done with the body now, which puts me about on track for where I need to be for my knitting competition. I'm considering making it short-sleeve. We'll see. I actually do have a picture...

    Have a great day and a great weekend, everyone!
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    SW: 288.8 (February 2022)
    CW: 211.2

    5/1- 211.2
    5/8- 212.8 (+1.6)
    5/15- 211.6 (-1.2)
    5/22- 212.4 (+0.8)
    5/29- 210.4 (-2)
    Total for May= -0.8

    Goals for May:
    ⬇️ lose 2-3 pounds
    💪 do PT exercises 3 times a week
    📚 read 3+ books
    📖 keep up with daily Bible reading
    🚶‍♀️ continue taking small walks outside

    Ended the month with a tiny loss so that’s good. I’ve read 4-5 books and have stayed caught up with Bible reading. I still haven’t been doing PT exercises 3x this past week but did it twice. I’ve been taking my short walks outside on Fridays but I had OT for my hand so the day was off schedule. I did take it on Saturday though.
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    Hi all,
    Well, am going to start a Bible study tomorrow for 14 weeks. We'll set goals, read scripture, do some fun stuff like coloring in our Bibles, etc. I need help, as both knees are bad, and I'm considered high risk for surgery because of my weight/BMI.
    Age: 72
    CW- 247
    GW- 170
    Started with MFP years ago and was actually 290. So am down from that but carrying this weight has cost me. List my husband in 2021, so it's been so hard. But hope and pray to get healthier.
    @serenecompassion2663 - thanks for the recommendation re: pool. Our senior center has one so will get there at least once a week.
    @CupcakeCrusoe - installed a tracking app on phone for steps. Will have to carry phone around but worth a try. Thanks for your suggestion.
    I still plan on reading more posts, but for now, thinking of you all - those just starting, those who are midway to goal, and those who've reached goal and doing maintenance. Love you all!
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    I did succeed in getting the scale move this month. I lost 4 pounds this month, which is better than nothing. I hate that I didn't have the opportunity to be supportive of everyone. It sounds like you all are doing fantastic with the cooking, labs, and workouts. I can't believe this month is over. Keep up the excellent work, and Move into June with continued success.
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    Sorry I've been so MIA. School is officially out and all the awards, class parties, and other assorted nonsense is over. May is always so crazy.

    Even my bi-weekly recipe blog was over a week late getting posted. However, I did finally get it up yesterday. https://www.healthyeatingwithlinda.com/post/everything-bagel-seasoned-cheese-ball

    I need to just buckle down and stop giving myself excuses and leeway. I did so great the first 3 months of the year. I coasted and stayed within the 190s the next 2 months. Not bumping out of that 10 lbs is still a great win. It means for all the days I didn't follow my plan there were probably at least 2 days that I did.
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    💜💜💜Hey, ladies! 💜💜💜

    Next month's group has been posted in the Motivation and Support forum:

    🌞Women 200lb+, Let's Be Jubilant This June!!!🌞

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    I am having a difficult time this June. I was doing so well. I am going to get back on track. I was starving and ate at Wendy's, and I have not been tracking as well as before.
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    mdmcmillon wrote: »
    I am having a difficult time this June. I was doing so well. I am going to get back on track. I was starving and ate at Wendy's, and I have not been tracking as well as before.

    You will do well again. Just get back to tracking and decide to make better choices next time at Wendy’s and you’ve got it! IMHO no place should be off limits and be able to control your emotions. It’s all about choices. We aim for good ones, all the time realizing that we are imperfect humans who slip up sometimes and give in to our cravings. It’s life, and we have the option to do better every day.

    BTW. You posted this in the May thread. I don’t know how to direct you to June but it’s called Women200 lb+, Let’s be Jubilant this June (I think!) I hope you find it.