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    Eli eating food! Kind of confused by it all!😂
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    MFP Weekly Check-in March 18, 2024

    Sue in WA State - Did my yoga 7/7 times this week, strength and balance 5/5 and made it to water exercise twice. I was able to do two 5 minute walks but sinus infection is making that hard. I need to divorce food from emotion. Thinking about doing some journaling to help with that. I journaled in the past but have not done much since moving to WA.

    Kylia in Ohio - I haven't posted as was out of town, then ill. I lost .7 pounds at beginning of March and so far maintaining. Only 11 more to go! Just treading along trying to make the best decisions I can in the moment. <3

    Rita in Roswell NM - I’m up .3 of a pound this week. Did not walk as much as I should. I’ll blame it on the weather, but it was just my mood.

    Evelyn on Vancouver Island BC - This has not been a good week, I have made some poor food choices and while that may not have been the worst thing to happen, I have also overindulged in these poor choices. Also, if sitting is the new smoking, I'm up to a couple packs a day! Needless to say, my weight is up this week. Some of the poor choices were on the salty side, so I shall be trying to up my water intake and down my sugar intake and see what happens! Oh and try to be more active!

    Lanette in SW WA State- Celebrating weight staying at lower end of my desired range and sore foot/toes are showing improvement. Navigating diet to eliminate or at least cut way back on simple sugars and “white carbs” – rice, white flour products/breads, potatoes. Goal is to get FBS under 110 or closer to 100. Need to turn that A1C around, it’s heading the wrong direction.

    @SophieRosieMom How do I join the weekly weigh-ins? Please put me down at 164 pounds. I’ve decided to give my best for the next, 11 days -1 for a party. Strictly sticking to my calories, walking and water. Too much stress eating, lately. Hoping less after today and making better choices. 🙂
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    Rebecca, I'm so glad that your middle sister is taking a more active part in communicating, I know you were quite concerned about her. Eli is just the cutest!
    Michele, my friends and I didn't get together, but we will this coming Monday, it's normally a weekly thing, but stuff keeps happening! lol
    That's enough for me, must go to bed.
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Read all the posts but from phone not laptop so no word doc with comments. Waiting for pre-op Valium to kick in. Hardest will be no fluids, not even water after 4 am. Joe is being a champion at thoughtful care. That’s today’s gratitude. A far cry from when, decades ago, he refused to pick me up from the ER after I’d broken my wrist. Told me to take a cab. He was working nights then…. My/our lives are so much better now!
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD

    Barbara - Is the valium for your MRI (which I thought was yesterday?) Did I skip something about an operation? Sending hugs!!! and best of luck for what ever is happening. <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    Barbara - Very best wishes to you for your op. <3 May you have a lightening recovery.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Good morning ladies!

    Barbara good luck with the op! I'm with Lanette, I was aware of the MRI but I missed the operation coming up. Warm hugs to you!

    Heather I'm sorry you are suffering so much with your pain. I had a little hip pain that woke me up at 3 am; just a taste of what you are going through. It was miserable.

    Machka oh no! The rash is back? Hope the doctor can give you some answers.

    I see the eye doctor today, so there's a fair chance of new glasses, which will be expensive.

    Have a great day my friends! May you be happy, healthy, safe and free!

    Annie in Delaware