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Hi guys recently I started calories deficit diet it been more than a month i started losing 1kg per week but from last week i got stuck at same weight i have been maintaining same diet and same workout seem like I have reached weight loss plateau
What changes I need to do so I can reduce my weight

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    One week is not a plateau. At minimum, 3-4 weeks at constant weight might be an actual plateau in fat loss; if female and of relevant age/stage, one full monthly cycle at least. If you've been losing at a good rate, a one-week stall is about water retention or digestive contents on their way to the toilet.

    Keep eating the same diet that had been successful, keep doing the same exercise program . . . and be patient for at least another 3 weeks or whole monthly cycle.

    While you're waiting, distract yourself by reading this thread, especially the article linked in the first post:

    You're at about the point where (all too often) people freak out, start doing crazy extreme things (cutting calories too fat, frantically doing miserably intense exercise). Then they quit, because it's all too hard, and they get discouraged. Don't do that. Try patience.

    Best wishes!

    Best wishes!


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    If no loss in another 2-3 weeks then your weekly calorie amount is your maintenance calories and you’ll need to lower calories or be more active or a combo of both
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    Male or female?

    Daily weight check or weekly?

    You could easily be seeing the effect of water weight. Give it more time.
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    Can you also share your current stats? Losing 1kg/week is really possibly for very obese people. It's possible you lost much faster than possibly early on, but part of that is waterweight. You keep on losing weight at a slower rate while the waterweight increases again, basically masking your weightloss.