Still have some way to go

Started in early January 2024.
I was 146kg (322 pound)
Today I am 106kg (233 pounds)
I have kept to a low calorie diet (mostly). About 1300 cal a day
I was unable to walk 50 feet without stopping due to weight and asthma/copd.
I can now walk over 5 miles a day. Have also joined a local gym, I can only use the rowing machine due to my knees and damage to one of my arms.
About 10kg to go.
This app has helped me out immensely as it shows me what I’m actually eating.

You never know it may help me find a girlfriend losing all this weight lol

Warren Norfolk UK



  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 5,019 Member
    Congrats, amazing you’ve lost so much ina short amount of time. You got this
  • nyjoyus
    nyjoyus Posts: 3 Member
    Thank you for sharing! So inspiring!
  • inkedShimewaza
    inkedShimewaza Posts: 538 Member
    Big changes man! That's awesome!!!! keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!
  • mestremartin
    mestremartin Posts: 10 Member
    Awesome. Keep going !
  • sandysaia
    sandysaia Posts: 26 Member
    That’s super!could you please tell me what you eat on a normal day?
  • walkintofit
    walkintofit Posts: 3,739 Member
    You are doing great! keep on moving, u will find the love of your life, go to libraries, parks, produce section, make some friends, best part of all love yourself first!
  • PurpleRoseLPN4HIM
    PurpleRoseLPN4HIM Posts: 6 Member
    I love it
  • PurpleRoseLPN4HIM
    PurpleRoseLPN4HIM Posts: 6 Member
    I love the app
  • mkksemail
    mkksemail Posts: 1,223 Member
    Congratulations, WarrenBobTaylor! Smile, you certainly earned it. Great job!
  • pw9mjhy8xb
    pw9mjhy8xb Posts: 3 Member
    Keep up the great work.
    After logging everything i eat i was in shock and it answered my question why i was over weight!

    Thank you MFP!
  • JacquiMayCrook
    JacquiMayCrook Posts: 308 Member
    Wow! That is an amazing acheivement in only 5 months! I moved from Norfolk to Spain a few years back!
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