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    Well Good Evening Team...

    I am feeling a whole lot better.. I actually ate something besides clear liquids!!! Then hubby just came home from work and brought left over pizza from work... its 12:50 am and I know I shouldnt have done it.. but I did I ate a peice of pizza... grrrrr now I cant go to bed anytime soon... but I havent ate anything but clear liquids since thursday night... well that is no excuses I will be up early and to the gym I go!!!

    Good Night ... Congrates again to all the weight loss... I think I am good enoug to go by my dads to weigh in... prob gained now that I ate that damn pizza... GRRRRRR I still have the headache...

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    Thanks LI4G I thought that was her starting BMI for this past week. OOPs

    Sheila - you will prabably be okay with the pizza since you haven't ate that much. You be careful going to the gym also. With as sick as you have been - do not overdo there please.
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    Chanty - someone (healthy mom?) said something about a wedding... Was she talking about you?

    Lisa, what LI4G said. I should take the starting BMI off. I was just doing it like my weight, start - goal - current. AND, thanks for all the support! You are great!

    Sheila - glad you are feelin' better.

    Everyone, I am beat. Nother day in paradise at work. Take care!

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    Kristi - No you do not take your BMI off girl. you are doing so good and that number will fall too. I am the one that is sorry cause I misread it and thought it was your starting BMI for this past week. I just didn't want anyone not to get the numbers they should get so I had to ask till I understood and now I do feel like actually - DUH - why didn't I realize that ?
    Thanks too for cheering me on and I am sorry my attitude was bad at first but it took a while for this MFP to settle in - at least every aspect of it. It is a lifestyle change and I was changing my eating ways and exercising habits but not some of my attitude and mental aspects of life that needed a big change. When my daughter signed me up, I told her one pound a week and being on here 9 weeks I average 2.89 pounds a week - I feel fortunate and lucky here now. I was griping cause the scale didn't move in three weeks. I gained weight and should have been thankful for the muscle I was gaining and not have complained about the scale not moving. I need to get out the tape measure and redo my measurements also. Not always, but I have gotten away from most frozen food dinners (lean cuisine and weight watchers.) - I will use one in a pinch if I am running late but never use them even if I am too tired to cook. I tell myself - you cook healthy or you don't eat - you aren't that lazy anymore - YOU CAN DO THIS. there are a few more things I need to change - the biggest one going on right now - working through TOM when it hard sometimes (about every third or fourth month) But I have more confidence in myself, I am more outspoken around people, and if needed I speak up in a situation. We have a contest going on at work where we get a candy bar if we get the job done - well I have always exceled at this at work and told them they needed to get healthy snacks also. After explaining about the 26 pound lost and MFP - they said they sure would make sure they got something I would eat after giving them a list or they would buy me a bottle of water if they didn't have anything. I felt better cause I had spoken up and not just told them NO everytime. Sorry this got to be so long. Won't say you won't catch me in a bad attitude again but just say hey we need a change here cause I like the new me a lot better than the old me.

    This post actually goes to eveyone on here. I get most all my motivation, support and knowledge from this post. I do love and appreciate all of you. I would and should name every last one of you but I am so sleepy and fear I would leave someone out and I don't want to do that at all. So if you have posted on here know you have motivated this woman some way and I am eternally grateful. I love the jokes on here too.
    one more thing - look for a new av pic soon - a friend is suppose to show me how to change them.

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    Sheila so glad your feeling better! Hard to tell what the evil scale may say. All the sodium from the broth and the slice of pizza might get you. Might be wiser to wait till next week or right before you leave on vacation. My experience is that although in my mind I know its the sodium it still plays mind games.

    Kristi what a short post for you. Must have been pooped.

    granny- i think its great you spoke up. don't you hate food rewards:mad:

    Off for the day to a breast cancer walk. some babysitting and maybe a bike ride:happy:
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    Good Morning everyone... I've had my 23 month old grandson Austin since 6 pm last night.. He is so good.. Talking so much.. Dang they are so cute at this age.. Today is a work in the yard day.. Isn't that every single weekend when you own a home?? So much work but we love it..

    Good News.. As you all might remember my husband gets laid off, gets a job making less money and then will now go back to his normal wage well during the last month or s, well I applied for the "making home affordable loan modification" through my lender... When I called them yesterday for some kind of update she told me I had been pre-approved and I would be getting my packet mailed to me soon. By the 15th.. My house payment is getting lowered from 2580.51 to 1867.27, my interested rate is going to to 3.7% - I am soooo excited... And that will include taxes and insurance, my high payment doesn't... Yahooooooooooo...

    Well I am off for an early morning walk with Austin after I change his poopie diaper YUCK...

    Everyone have a fantastic weekend....
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    I love my husband. This morning I was griping at him for waking my up at 7am (I usually get up at 5am for work) on a saturday, but he wanted to do yoga with me before we went to the famers market to get veggies. I was not pleased but I threw on my yoga pants and hit the mat. I have to say it was wonderful. My husband doens't do a lot of yoga so I coached him through the sun salutation and then a warrior flow. But it really hit me when we were doing the breathign and meditation afterwards that he was really being so supportive and trying to understand how doing this stuff makes me not only physically feel better but get better in touch with my spiritual side. I guess what I wanted to share was that I could have slept in, but by choosing to get up and take the inviation I got the oppertunity to see how much he really loves me. How often do I let those chances pass, I'm so glad that I didn't this morning.

    In other completely random news I am doing dinner at my mother in laws house tonight for mothers day. to begin with she's not vegitarian. But we have agreed to bring dessert and a whole bunch of veggie side dishes to cover the lack of gren. But its so hard to know what I'm getting into when i eat away from home. So I've made a few rules for myself to help. One mass carb only! So I can have bread or mashed potatoes but not both. I 'm allowed to have as many veggies as i want but no salt. Also in preperation for dessert I am making sure that I go easy on it for breakfast and lunch so that I can enjoy my time with the inlaws and not sit there thinking "half a cup of potatoes" all night. I will log it in of corse but some times there are bigger things than my calorie count at play.

    Any how hope all of you have a great week end.
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    just read this in another thread; had to share

    Subject: Important Information

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    The Centers for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically. This virus is called Weekly Overload Recreational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your colleagues or
    anyone else via any means whatsoever - DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! This virus will wipe out your private life entirely. If you should come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises.

    Take two good friends to the nearest liquor store and purchase one or both of the antidotes - Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE) and Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until
    WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.

    You should immediately forward this medical alert to five friends. If you do not have five friends, you have already been infected and WORK is, sadly, controlling your life. Get help immediately.

    Frickin' hillarious Adopt 4 :laugh:

    And awesome job Kristi. Im not good with animation so Im at home doing the one man wave for you!
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    Anita - What great news! Such great relief to be put in a better financial position! Congratulations on de-stressing your life!

    Manda - Yay for you for not passing up the moment! They are hard to recognize up front sometimes, so thank goodness for hindsight:) And way to go, thinking ahead to dinner away from home will make the night so much more enjoyable - you are smart to know that!

    Indiana ~ Looks like you are truly making friends with yourself! I love that part of this journey, realizing that we are our own best advocate and speaking out in our own best interest. It is sooooo freeing. Really big (((((((((hugs))))))))))) for you! You are doing so great!

    Happy Saturday all! It's a beautiful, but humid!, day in New Orleans ~ off to work in the yard and make some art!

    :heart: lulu
  • lulubar
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    Frickin' hillarious Adopt 4 :laugh:

    And awesome job Kristi. Im not good with animation so Im at home doing the one man wave for you!

    One man wave! Haaahaaaahaaa ! That's funny!:laugh:
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    indianag, good for you! I'm glad you're speaking up and doing what's right for YOU, even when it's something simple as a food reward that would mess up your cals for the day. YGG!

    Manda, congrats for recognizing the moment! so often we don't... good for you!

    anita, so glad you got refi on the house! Hurray! what a way to make life less stressful!

    kristi, you keep it up! you are amazing!

    swignal, glad you're feeling better...
    and to everyone else, HELLO!

    I'm so glad to see that a few of us who were "on hold" seem to have broken that. It's a good feeling to see movement again.

    Today's my first day back at the gym since getting sick, I'm excited! Not sure how much I'll do before dropping, since I"m sure my stamina has dropped...but just getting back on the horse feels good!
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    Hello everyone. Can't say good morning, because its noon here. I feel like rambling for a minute, hope its ok. If not, please feel free to skip ahead to the big cheezy grin smiley! :wink:

    I love my job, but sometimes, I need to talk through some things. I guess I need therapy after some of my groups! I am currently running a women's trauma recovery group. I should also add the warning that if you have experienced traumatic events in your past, you might be wise to skip to the big smiley. I say that, not because I plan to reveal any horrific details, but because its hard to know what might trigger trauma memories or feelings. This group is a new approach for me, doing trauma work in a group setting. The first few sessions are kind of getting to know each other, learning about our bodies (real information, not street smarts, which if often inaccurate) and gaining some skills for dealing with the aftermath of traumatic experiences. It can get a little intense, but is generally more educational than process oriented.

    So, last night, we started phase two of the group, which is to examine personal trauma in more detail - looking at what happened, how, when and with whom. We talked about the feelings involved - intense fear, feeling helpless, having no control over the situation, and feelings of imenent destruction. We also begin to make the links between traumatic experiences and current dysfunctional behavior. It was a profoundly humbling experience. I've grown to love these women, and their pain is very real to me. So, I was exhausted when I got home, as Paryerfulmom mentioned. So, why do I tell you all this. I don't know. I just needed to get it out.
    My experiences are kind of surreal right now - life is extremely satisfying to me, I have not been this happy or content in a long time. I have not felt this physically healthy in a long time. I can see myself getting back into some of my old hobbies, and I love the thought of it! So, life is good! And, at work, I see lives in chaos all around me. I am so blessed and grateful to be where I am, surrounded by people who love and care about me. I feel like you do Lisa, part of this change is a change in attitude, and lulu, you said it best - we are learning to like ourselves again. How cool is that? I love this place in my life! I blogged about it (by the way, thanks for your very nice comment, Cyndi!) because I don't want to lose this feeling, and I know this phase, like all phases of our lives will pass. The key is to be present, to really live each day.

    The last thing I wanted to ramble on about is you all. How wonderful it is to share these things with you, and feel so closely conntected with you, yet not really even know you. Its likely we could pass in a crowd and not recognize each other. Strange.

    Ok, I have waxed philosophical for a moment. Now, I need to go exercise, sort out my clothes and get rid of the ones I WILL NEVER WEAR AGAIN!!!!! and do some yard work!

    Love to you all!

    Still Kristi - more and more Kristi all the time!

    Or, rather less and less Kristi all the time! :happy:
  • LosingIt4good
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    Sheila- give yourself some time to recover from that bug and dont worry about the pizza or the broth. Your body obviously couldnt handle food at the time so it took in and kept down what it could. As for the pizza, Im sure you are gonna be fine. Being in a huge deficite for 3 days because all you could keep in was liquid, that pizza was more probably more welcomed by your body than you think. I know when Im that sick, whatever I can get in a keep down is what my body needs and you were probably craving the carbs for energy and the fat since your body was so depleted from it from being sick. THAT IS OK! If your worried about the sodium from the pizza and broth, try giving yourself a day of healthy eating and rehydrating with water. THEN, go weigh in. Let the day before be your past and move forward. Just be very careful not to overdo it in the gym. You dont want to be run down and fighting it off again when you take your vacation :happy:

    Indiana- Im soooooo happy that you are seeing the brighter side of MFP and all its wonderful changes it has for your life. It really is great when we can see how much more positive things are when we are happy with our choices.

    Kristi- Same goes for you. Happier and healthier.. its a really great feeling. As for the job stress, feel free to share and vent anytime! We all need that opportunity sometimes. I think its amazing how you are helping these people work on themselves so that they can hopefully someday be able to move forward from that pain. I know from experiences with close friends, that tramatic experiences and the pain that goes with it can be emotionally draining for the person that is listening and trying to help. For me, it was more like "how do I help them?". There really was nothing I could do BUT listen and be there when they needed to talk. Your job is harder than that in that you are actually teaching them to recognize how that pain is effecting other areas of thier daily life and what to do about it.

    Manda- WOW!! Very cool hubby ya have there!! Congratulations on getting to spend some quality time with him!!!

    Nitag- Cool! Congratulations on getting the mortgage payment reduced! That will help you guys alot! I wish I could do that to mine.

    Hubby and I went to the Star Trek Movie last night and all I can say is AWESOME!!!! Totally!! if you like Star trek at all... GO see it on the big screen. Totally worth it! We opted not to go out to eat. Couldnt decide where to go and also didnt wanna spend the money. So I grilled some chicken and made a salad.

    Welp, no gym yet today, but I'll see how it goes later. I woke up late and Its now 12:30 and I have 2 little ones here. It is nice and sunny and supposed to be in the 70's today so when the baby goes down for a nap Im heading outside to do some more needed weeding in the yard. Gonna give the DumpTruck sandbox a car wash and clean out the fish pond (its currently green and growing more than just fish.. LOL)

    Have a good one ya'll!
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    :cry: Kristi ~ that was beautiful. Made me all warm and teary. (((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))
  • swignal
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    well Kristi, It is always nice to get things out...and it is always nice to feel better about ourselves...and you are a Great Person... You make us all laugh smile cry ( happy tears)... so Keep up the awsome work...

    thanks everyone for tryin to cheer me up about the pizza...

    I didnt end up going to the gym I went to the mall and walked with my sister from 11am - 5pm shopping shopping and more shopping... I got lots of stuff I needed for vacation... I bought me some spanks!!! whooo hooo.. love all those nip and tucks LOL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I got two swimsuits one is a 22 and one is 24 and my mother gave me one that is 20 I got like 4 new tank tops 4 t-shirts some shorts socks and bath and body stuff so I can smell good for hubby!!!! I am sure he will appreciate it!!!! ha ha ha..

    well I have to go it 7:30 and I have not ate dinner so gotta run and eat ..... see ya in a bit...

  • LosingIt4good
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    Got the fish pond cleaned out. Man that was nasty.. LOL Between all the green goop growing in there I didnt think I would ever get it clean. We had a very cold winter with lots of snow that stuck around and froze it over solid for a couple weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that 8 of the 10 gold fish survived. They are HUGE. They started out as feeder goldfish 2 years ago and a couple of them are easily 4" long. They all look very healthy too so Im going to get some more to dump in there.
    I also got the pump to work so now my little spitter frog works!!

    Here's a pic. :)

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    Good morning!! Ok, I am way excited here.

    So, drum roll please.........

    Stillkristi - SW 461/GW 195/CW 422 - lost 7 lbs
    BMI Start 66.1/ Current 60.5/Goal < 60 lost 1 point


    HOLY MOLY KRISTI!!!!! Great job!!!! I knew all that exercise would work great for you, but WOW!!!
    7lbs is incredible!!! Keep at it!!

    Its prolly the chocolate milk.

    Kristi you may be on to something here....I lost weight (finally) this week and I starting drinking chocolate milk during the week. Hmmmmmmm :wink: :laugh:
  • jamielbeck
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    Manda - that is awesome! So glad your husband is joining in and being supportive :happy:
  • jamielbeck
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    Hi guys! Just checking in before heading to bed. It was so nice here today...well very windy...but still not raining so we spent most of the day outside at a friends house. Very fun! We got home an hour ago and the bf and I decided to catch up on some of shows on the DVR. just finished greys. very good one, I cried. Anyways now I am getting ready for bed so I can get up early and head to the gym.(weight lifting and centergy). Today was an ok food day, a bit challenging but I end up making it through and staying under my count. Whoo! Well I better head to bed. Goodnight!
    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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    Jamie, I hate to admit it, but you;'re right, it may be the choco milk after all! :laugh:

    Li4g, beautiful pic of your yard! I am very jealous! So, I am gonna close the blind so I don't have to look at my yard! Hrumph!

    Wait, its night, no worries!

    See you all, and HAPPY MOTHER's DAY TO ALL YOU MOMS!!!!! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: