Um..dropping your kids off at the pool when it first opens?

I hope everyone got my euphemism haha...I'd like to drop 'em off soon after waking up in the morning, before breakfast and my morning weigh-in to have a more consistent weigh-in week-to-week, but more often than not I can't wait that long to eat breakfast. Does anyone know how to time this with either not eating at a certain time the night before, or what you eat, or morning routines? I googled this and there were suggestions to drink coffee or consume other unhealthy things and I am not a fan of coffee at all.


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    uh, bump! I know everyone does this!
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    I take fiber gummies in the morning and evening to help things. But sometimes I'll drink coffee( like this morning) to get things moving.

    I put in a packet of no sugar hot chocolate with my coffee and it tastes pretty good.
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    interesting thing about coffee:
    Waking up hungry isn't a bad thing to me, you just slept 6-8 hours, you go less than that in the day between eating, so shouldn't you wake up hungry? If you need something other than coffee cause you really can't stand coffee, apples are a good source of energy. Or if you don't want to eat right away when you wake up try drinking a glass of water. I often wake up with a dry mouth drink a glass and then about a half hour later eat breakfast.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. Just weight before, and keep that as your base.
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    Senna (herbal) tea before going to bed - no caffeine, so doesn't keep you awake.
    Brew it pretty long/strong.
    Often called "dieters tea" or similar.
    I lilke a brand called "Twinstar Slim Tea" with papaya and peppermint and some other stuff in it.
    I don't use it every day, but if a few days go by, I will use it.

    (I weigh myself every day and don't get too wacked out by small day to day fluctuations as long as the trend is in the right direction. So this isn't a big issue for me.)
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    Senna (herbal) tea before going to bed - no caffeine, so doesn't keep you awake.
    Brew it pretty long/strong.

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    :laugh: at the title. this isnt a problem for me but i also drink about a litter of water between the time i finish my last meal and go to bed. i make sure to pee before going to sleep so i dont have to wake up. in the morning when it's time to wake up, pretty much everything is ready to go :tongue:
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    Sadly, I spent the first 4-5 weeks of the year, having trouble dropping my kids off. So I just started to ignore it. May kids seem to want to wait until mid morning I just weigh when I first get up. And if the number is up....I pretend it doesn't count, and just record again when the number goes back down in a few days or whatever. :D
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    LOL <3

    Mine refuse to go to the pool more than once every other day or so. Be thankful yours like to swim every day.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. Just weigh before, and keep that as your base.

    This. It's what I do. Even though most mornings I'm raring and ready to go. (TMI?). So this morning for example the minute I got off the scale I raced to the bathroom and did what I needed to. Our of curiosity I then weighed myself again and I was 400 g lighter. But the weight I recorded was pre "the incident".
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    I only weigh myself after dropping the kids off in the morning!
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    Coffee works for me! I didn't drop my kids off before my weigh-in this morning though... was rushing to the scale before my boyfriend got up... I've been keeping my actual weight secret from him for a long time now (he can see how big I am, and he doesn't care, but the actual number might freak him out).
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    I'm jealous of all you "regular" people. I'm lucky to drop *anything* off 2-3 times a week. I've been getting colonics lately and it's amazing. I hope it keeps its promise of "keeping me regular" after all of my sessions:/
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    :laugh: @ the incident. this is probably TMI, but my kids swim 2-3 times a day :blushing:
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    psyllium husk capsules have worked for me! I'd recommend at least giving them a shot for a week if you can.

    they're reasonably priced and all-natural (= non-addictive/chemical)

    I have no health insurance so can't be sure, but pretty sure I have stress-related IBS or some equally obnoxious condition that only allows me to drop my kids off once a week or so :grumble:
    I am also lactose intolerant.

    If I take the psyllium after dinner, about 12 hours later (the next morning) I'll have a pretty decent, um, dropoff :laugh:

    I've heard chia seeds are good for this as well.
  • jadedone
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    :laugh: @ the incident. this is probably TMI, but my kids swim 2-3 times a day :blushing:

    It is so sad. Mine used to, but now that I am on the weight loss path, they only swim 1X a day......and some days not at all.
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    I have really upped my raw veggie intake, and have found that the kids like to go for a dip in the morning, AND when I get home from work! :laugh: For me, it's all about the fiber. No coffee for me any more, for the most part.
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    :laugh: @ the incident. this is probably TMI, but my kids swim 2-3 times a day :blushing:

    Hahaha...mine, too. Sometimes mine swim 4 or 5 times a day. I attribute their love of the water to my breakfast of Fiber One and a lot of coffee and the sheer volume of kale, chard, spinach, and various other roughage that goes into my system during the course of the day. If all else fails, pick up a few of those Fiber One breakfast bars...if those don't get you going, nothing will.
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    i only go to the bathroom like 2 times a week..its horrible!