Best Glute Exercise

I want to hear about your BEST BEST BEST glute exercises...ones where you feel the burn and your butt gets sore! lol


  • mdh1127
    mdh1127 Posts: 93
    Squats and the elliptical at an incline are the only ones I feel the burn in that specific area!!
  • hesn92
    hesn92 Posts: 5,971 Member
  • mogletdeluxe
    mogletdeluxe Posts: 623 Member
    My personal favourite, the kind that hurt two days later - veeeeery wide-legged squat, whilst holding a 16kg kettlebell to my chest. ASSTOTHEGRASS.
  • krbates84
    krbates84 Posts: 96 Member
    squats do it for me!
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 282 Member
  • JNick77
    JNick77 Posts: 3,797 Member
    Back Squats or Deadlifts (rotate them)followed by Walking Lunges with a long stride, followed by Romanian Deadlifts. For cardio hit the Stairmill or Stairmaster.