NSV: Bikini bod.

I started my permanent weight loss journey this past February when I stepped on the scale at a friends home and realized that I was at an all time high of 175lb. For a lady of only 5'2 and 20 years of age, that made for some serious life re-evaluation. My confidence has always been on the fence, but that number had completely shattered it. Since then, I have been busting my behind and have managed to get my weight down to 158 (with the recent help of MFP) in an attempt to get my self esteem on point for once and for all.

On Monday I was surprised with a camping trip for which I was not prepared, and in a mad dash had to go out and buy a swimsuit for the occasion (talk about anxiety!!). I hadn't felt like I had made much progress at all until I got into the dressing room and saw that not only did the swimsuits fit me- THEY LOOKED GOOD! No tears, no pouting or giving up and deciding to wear a big t-shirt with some shorts, none of that. I purchased a bikini for the first time with total confidence and am proud enough to share my first big non scale victory with you. I AM SO DAMN HAPPY.



  • shimewazaMan
    shimewazaMan Posts: 413
    You rock it girl. Congrats and enjoy the results of your hard work!
  • Krazy_Kat
    Krazy_Kat Posts: 212
    You have a lovely hourglass figure
  • ctalimenti
    ctalimenti Posts: 865 Member
    It looks awesome on you! Congrats on your journey!!! Have a fun camping trip.
  • leakduh
    leakduh Posts: 4
    Why thank you! Hips for days isn't always a terrible thing. (:
    And thank you guys!
  • you look fantastic! good job we all know how hard it can get!
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 282 Member
    Damn, girlfriend! Go on and rock that bikini! You have a super hot Brandy Dahl thing goin' on!!
  • itgeekwoman
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    You should be proud! You are rocking that bikini!!! nice work!
  • leakduh
    leakduh Posts: 4
    Damn, girlfriend! Go on and rock that bikini! You have a super hot Brandy Dahl thing goin' on!!

    HAHA! Thank you!! If only I could make my tatas bigger.......
  • taeliesyn
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    Looking great there! Very well done. :)