Help!!! I have a desk job!!!



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    I have a desk job, too. Nevertheless, I take walk at lunch, no matter what - I've permanently blocked that time as "No Meetings - Out Of Office" on my calendar. I make no exceptions. I bring my own lunch and part of that is a bag of sliced, raw veggies that I munch on throughout the day including during my walk.

    Also, see if you can get an ergonomic sit/stand desk, or have your desk height adjusted as a standing workstation and get a tall chair. If neither are an option without resistance, talk to your doctor about your health concerns and get a letter prescribing one. I stand for a minimum of 4 hours/day
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    I wonder if you could request that your work station be modified so that you can stand. I put in this request to my current job in January of 2012 and they are still "thinking about it" ... would be easier if I wasn't just health conscious and had a doctor's note. Crazy eh? ... Maybe it's worth a shot @ your place.


    This. Several people in my office have switched to a stand-up desk. And some modular cubicles have a way to adjust the height of the desk piece - the ones we have can go almost as high as the partition, but not all the partitions are the same height so it doesn't help everyone. One woman just has a box that she putson her desk for her keyboard on when she wants to work standing up. Another idea would be one of those pedalling things (don't know if they have a specific name!) under your desk. I think those studies focused mainly on cardio, but sitting on an exercise ball can really work your core, although you need to have enough space to stash either it or your chair when you're not using it!
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    This will sound sdaft, but I have a standing desk... it's electric and I can sit down. I got it for back pain, the occupational health people made my work get it for me. My back has recovered now and I mostly sit, but I definitely dropped weight just through standing and fidgeting. Keep it in mind :)
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    I work reception sometimes and volenteer to do all the mail runs, banking, errands, filing..... but sometimes you do get chained to the desk. I wonder if balance cushion would be good for your core. (not sure if I got the word right, it is an air fill pillow that works much the same as a yoga ball) You might just need to look for ways to get the exercise on breaks, and too and from work. It's not easy, but I like your timer idea.
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    I have bursitis in my hip so I was able to ask for a standing workstation at work. it moves my monitor and keyboard up (for standing) and down (for sitting). I also have a swiss ball to sit on.
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    I used to do 5 minute exercise breaks every hour: wall push-ups, dips, calf-raises, single-leg squats...all at my desk. 5 minutes is nothing and it increases your productivity the other 55 minutes. Plus, there are a whole host of ab exercises you can do without leaving your chair. Get creative!
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    I never hated my desk job until I started getting healthy. I'm the same way, I'll try and force myself to get up and walk around at least every hour but unfortunately everything I do is tied to the computer and every day is hectic so breaking away can be tough. It's getting to the point that it's factoring into my decision to eventually switch careers. Obviously I'm not suggesting this as a fix, just saying for me it isn't what I want to be doing a year from now.
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    It is all about calories in- calories out, I got the fitbit and it keeps track for you of your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, also tracks your sleep. it was the best thing I have ever bought, I have loss over 50lbs. and I sit all day also.
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    I also have a desk job. But I take the mail and instead of dropping off mail at that time, I go back in the afternoon and walk a couple blocks each time I do that. It's only 10-15 minutes but it's something. Some days I just go for a quick walk just because. I try to save some filing at the end of everyday for the next day so I have to stand on my feet for a little bit doing that. I also walk at night. It's hard lately I bring my 5 month old daughter with me to work, so I am definately not just sitting all day, but I do leg lifts under my desk everyday too, just to get the blood pumping. :smile:
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    Using your lunch hour to do some form of intense exercise is probably the best thing you could do! Fortuntely my office building has a gym in it so I go to studio classes or weight train over my lunch hour. You could also take small 5lbs weights and during your 2-3 min breaks do a bit of a circuit training session... ie. Wall squats with bi-cep curls and over-head press, lunges with shoulder raises [that's if you are able to close your office door during this time or feel comfortable enough to do this in your cubicle or the aisle]... You could even invest in a exercise ball to sit on for periods of time during the day, this strengthens your core!
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    I try to do bodyweight exercises at least once an hour. Some of my favs are push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, crunches, and stick-ups. It sounds like you're already taking frequest breask, so just add these in when you can! Good luck.
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    I work a Help Desk here, so I am tied to the Phone/Desk all day. I take 2 or sometimes 3 quick walks around the parking lot every day. Takes about 13 minutes and is a good chance to stretch the legs and also gets me a quick exercise break. I figure smokers get to take unhealthy breaks, so I am taking my "smoke" breaks..

    I agree. My co-worker takes smokes breaks 2-4 times a day for 5 minutes or so. I feel I can hide in the bathroom and stretch or do a few jumping jacks, etc to wake me up. We have a huge hill behind our office and I want to start running up that, but that'll come after I'm back in shape.
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    Thanks for the post.. I am also an accountant and know how you feel.. I can work from 8 to 12 hrs a day depending on my deadlines and month end. I am going to try some of these suggestions.
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    I also have an 8-5 desk job. I took on a 2nd job in the mornings from 3-6 am that requires me to walk and I average about 3-4 miles every morning. I walk out side on my lunch break from the normal job. And then go to the gym after work. Or take a walk with family. We also swim a lot since it is summer right now. I hope that helps....
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    You work from 3am until 5pm??
  • noelledell
    Thank you all for the great suggestions! I feel more motivated just reading them! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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    It's hard sitting at the desk for 8 hours a day, but I take 5 min breaks every 2 hours and do stretched and squats to get my body heated up and heart rate going. Drink lots of water and every time I finish do 5 jumping jacks afterwards. They add up at the end of the day. Walk around as much as I can and have a set calorie intake for the day so I don't snack at all
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    Ditto on desk jockey.
    I have a work station setup that allows me to switch between siting and standing. It became necessary after developing degenerative osteoarthritis in my tail bone after breaking it is a fall.

    There are a lot of simple exercises you can do in a cubicle. (easier if the wall around your cube is 5' or higher.
    Easiest is squats. Add dumbbell weights if you can.

    I get most of my exercise outside work even though the corporate fitness center is on the other side of the wall from my cubicle. :)
    I prefer swimming 2 miles to using a treadmill or elliptical.
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    I work in a call center and some of the things that have helped me are getting up early to get a workout in, using my breaks (2 15's and a 30) to walk in the park next to my office, sitting on a stability ball at least part of the day, and bringing my own food. The food one is HUGE, especially since I work with all women who collectively have a massive sweet tooth (thus there are always at least 2 different types of baked goods available). You might even influence a change like I have in my co-workers when they saw that I maintained a healthy weight, and didn't blow up when I was pregnant. All of a sudden, others were bringing yogurt to staff meeting, or having veggies and hummus to share :)
    I'm returning to work from my maternity leave very soon, and hoping to continue to lose the baby weight even though I'll be at my desk most of the day.