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  • In those situations I go over to the produce with the sprayers and get a little water on my hands from a wet edge of shelf. I read an article yesterday about a couple of people in the US breaking a household self-quarantine to go to a school dance, and now having a mandatory quarantine imposed on the entire household. I…
  • I would be inclined to say lightly active but the only way to truly know is to pick one, eat those calories for 4-6 weeks, and see if you are losing as expected.
  • Not just MFP but OP's own blog. But that blog post does link actual journal articles, so not as bad as it looks from the link.
  • Do you double check the scanned entries you use? Those are still user entered and can be wrong from human error or changes in the product over time/between regions.
  • Use for what? Do you mean which one tastes the best? Which one has the fewest calories?
  • Neither my husband nor I have ever had this but in December I tried to convince him this should be our Christmas dessert because it looks and sounds delicious! I failed at convincing and we still haven't made one.
  • I guess the stimulant from the coffee could counteract the depressant effect of alcohol. Or you would have a super tipsy person twitching around.
  • This is a really good point. It may not be that big of a deal in regards to coffee vs. tea but we see a lot of good vs. bad mentality with food on this site because that is what many of us grew up hearing and still see in the media all the time. One of the most important lessons that many people on this site who are here…
  • I have decided to try a new approach this month. I'll see how it works and readjust if needed. My biggest problem lately is staying in any deficit much less within my calorie goal. I have also been really bad for the last couple years of getting into a habit of regular intentional exercise. I have always had my activity…
  • Happy Birthday! As said above, try to eat smaller portions of treats but also enjoy. It's just one day or week and you can get right back on target afterwards. I don't know what your goal is, but if your losing weight you might consider eating at maintenance rather than a deficit for birthday activity days.
  • My slides tend to start with me not tracking everything I eat. It's basically me not wanting to hold myself accountable in writing for what I'm eating. I recover from it by making myself get back to logging everything. That is much easier said than done but I've done it enough times to recognize that basic step as…
  • You're switching to tea because your 7 year old just learned about caffeine? I would think a strong black tea would best fill the void of coffee for you, but that's partly because those are the teas with the most caffeine. I personally hate coffee and drink a lot of tea. You will just have to find the flavors that work for…
  • Just to reiterate - this thread is 8 years old.
  • Sounds perfect except for the raisins.
  • I use rolled oats and just toss it all into a container. I use a combination of milk and water plus whatever flavorings. My favorite is unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and a very small amount of brown sugar or honey. Sometimes I add peanut butter also. I have also done apples or carrots with walnuts and cinnamon.
  • My hands will do this on longer walks or on hikes. My doctor wasn't concerned since that's the only time it happens and swelling goes down afterwards. Things she suggested that have helped me are to drink more water/hydrate better and move my arms more. Those only help somewhat though, not actually prevent it. As said…
  • Hi and welcome. I would suggest working with your treatment team to develop a plan that is right for you.
  • This looks amazing and I seriously want one!
  • This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don't understand why the recipe builder doesn't pull most of the database. There have been a couple times when I flat out couldn't add an ingredient to a recipe and had to just pseudo add it to my diary instead.
  • You pick a number, try it for a few weeks and then adjust. As others have suggested, just put your stats into MFP, select maintain and eat that number. If after a few weeks you are still losing or are gaining, the readjust your calories. Also keep in mind that beginning a new workout routine will probably lead to bump on…
  • It's not that simple. For the sake of the ice cream above, weigh your serving in grams and enter that in your food diary. https://www.wikihow.com/Convert-Milliliters-(mL)-to-Grams-(g)
  • Depression can certainly lead to slipping into old habits and gaining weight, but I also wonder if you restricted too much. Your goal to lose 10lbs. a month may be reasonable at first but not necessarily the entire time. Will the habits you build to lose those 70lbs in 7 months be sustainable for you and set you up for…
  • You might or might not. I personally sweat a lot no matter my weight. Other people find that sweating correlates strongly with their weight.