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  • yup. Sleep does me in. But do I learn? Of course I don't!!!!!
  • from the land of zero pensions.... pensions look good! :flushed:
  • Oof indeed. You mentioned too, I think, that it was with a government type agency? I've been told by US based friends that such jobs tend to offer better than average health (primarily) and pension (secondarily) benefits. Don't discount cooked egg whites as an awesome (and relatively not super expensive) source! Also...…
  • I think dinner yesterday had a grilled zucchini and red peppers bunny in there somewhere. Maybe even one and a half. Of course if fries were to count it would be like nineteen and a half to ninety nine bunnies!!!!!!!! There were a LOT of fries. But I hear they don't count!
  • Note to self: if ever visiting Chicago as a tourist, ask @Athijade for info ahead of time! Of special interest when airlines insist on going that way! Note to self #2: I've had a complete pie over two days. I've had a keg dinner for father's day. The chocolate pie is less calories than a "Keg" (local chain entry level…
  • You need a herding dog!😹
  • Alexandra I wish that shipping were not such a major pain and expense (and our shipping costs from up north are downright insane). I just dropped off an extra large dog crate to a local shelter together with a bag of blankets and towels!
  • So far no worries in terms of that AND every single person in the house is still alive!!!! Mind you I can see where multiple pies may be an issue. But for now we're still moving along at belt minimums pending the big dinner outing in a half hour!
  • Only a little bit pregnant? :lol:
  • It's only c h e e s e .... 😅
  • Sounds adventuresome Alexandra and sounds a lot like herding cats!!!!😹 Garfield sounds as if she needs to be herded into a nice climate controlled Hotel that has invested in refrigerating their quality seafood -- but what would I know!!!😹
  • Ha! According to the men I know it is the femmes who are bargain hunters! I admit, I'm sales motivated, but not *fake* sales motivated 😡🤬😡 those just annoy me and they are way too prevalent
  • Don't like using conflict terminology, but it is not each individual win or loss but the overall sum total. And susceptibility to "disturbance" does change over time depending on the "local" starting point. It is absolutely different to go off the reservation from a position of equilibrium and return to that position. It…
  • It's corn! If you weigh it after its popped I would even call it dry and go a bunny for 40g There were some bunnies in the lean cuisine chicken with wine. I was actually pleasantly surprised and out of many of their products I have tried it would probably be closest to how I would cook it. Their chicken parmigiana by…
  • Woot, woot! The bunnies will hate you!!!!🐰🐇👍
  • Laurie... you're supposed to be smarter than that, right??????? It is 2800 Calories for the 830g pie.... just saying!
  • Numbers do lie, or rather do require some interpretation! So last night there was a "slight" hamster 🐹 meltdown 🤬 pretty much traced to an extremely frustrating day where several un-anticipated issues were added to the "to solve" pile and had to be priority farmed out for solving. ***Kitten*** sales🤬, Yooly needs to take…
  • Warm. I actually "often" do warm toppings with cold salad. Started with a sizzler or was it keg or Mr mikes salad back in the day when they would use warm toppings (bacon, egg) on a spinach salad they would prepare. I know the location on Granville Island, but don't remember the tenant iteration 😹 Peas, beats, onions, with…
  • I fried it. Slices. 2 each. Then put it in the salad. Quarterred, so eight pieces each. 46g for my two slices
  • D U D E !!! The island ain't too shabby either! Like wow! Alexandra: I hope it proves a bit less painful than it sounds :neutral:
  • Faint hope?
  • You kids are AWESOME and I love to see da progress!!!! And yes. Rapid changes have to be evaluated as to etiology!
  • However I did find some of my own! Between the McD's onions, the kale-slaw (550g) and the thawed beets I added to the kale-slaw (plus some halloumi cheese) in a weird mega salad... I'm operating on over 750g of bunnies... which is good for almost 9 I would think... so I not doing terrible today! 🐰🐰🐰 🐰🐰🐰 🐰🐰🐰
  • I mean I found them in your food!
  • Well, I hear that Vancouver has temperate weather and no PAV in residence!
  • Can't continue this way won't work for too long right? So adjustment has to happen. Remember the fluctuations though. Even ABD had a time period where her numbers weren't flowing down regularly. Point being that unless you're in a large deficit then the numbers won't flow down. If I understood what you said and using made…
  • I just found all my missing bunnies!!!! :blush:
  • Where get Jordan?!?! Where get FAT FREE HALF AND HALF???? What the **kittens** is a fat free half and half if it is a half and half. GOOOOOOOGLE REPORT FOR DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So far operating on.... NUT BUNNIES?!?!?!?! dark chocolate caramel almonds from starbucks (300 Cal)?? Kinda not a bunny. Nut bars owed from last night's overshoot (first one in a week+) NOT A BUNNY. Of course someone was famished and had to eat immediately so it was a pouch of biryani and a pouch of yellow dahl. NOT BAD.…
  • I am having SOME difficulty processing SUB 2K net calories and weight increase. So I guess you DO need to adjust the extra cal above baseline! :neutral: