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  • That has nothing to do with LC, and everything to do with developing a strategy for maintenance. It doesn't matter if someone loses with LC, vegan, or eating everything on earth in moderation, they will gain when they're done if they eat too much of anything, the same way they got fat in the first place.
  • Jess - keto 15 years, medically prescribed after an elimination diet. Turns out it helps the inflammation in my legs, too, so not deviating from it much even with the things that weren't eliminated. Had bypass a few years before the elimination diet and lost 300ish. Maintained that until 2 years ago. Got a blood clot, was…
  • I'm addicted to the UK and Aus versions, though Aus is canceled again, I think. I got turned off from the US one when they started rigging the "twists" (Evel Dick and Daniele shared a limo to the studio at the beginning of their season, yet acted all surprised to see each other in the house-they got caught talking about it…
  • You may want to copy that to a file to have ready to paste in frequently. No matter how many times it's corrected, there's always someone around to bring it up.
  • No, you just have jail bars so you can be publicly shamed.
  • Ironically, answering that question would be a violation of the rules. Can't have people breaking the strictly upheld rules around here, ya know ;)
  • This is incorrect.
  • And bonus points if the parking lot has a slope.
  • It's like I don't even know you!!!!! ;) There's an LC syrup that tastes kinda maple-y but absolutely nothing like syrup. You'll see people ranting about it in the forums sometimes. I don't care that it doesn't taste like syrup, it still tastes good on my yogurt, so I'm using it.
  • Not going anywhere near that group. None of the East Coasters will fully appreciate the genius that is Malnati's sausage disk.
  • My family and friends are all trained now. When the doctors first put me on keto, it was like everyone I knew suddenly became a hack nutritionist overnight. No, I don't want cereal instead of eggs, it will make me projectile vomit. And no, bacon and butter are not going to cause a heart attack, but the constant throwing up…
  • Definitely try the roasting, then. It brings out the sweetness in them so they're not as bitter.
  • I get some that I think are probably from here, but I don't recognize the name. I get others because I have my name in a keto group for people who want people to answer questions, check food logs, etc. Lately I haven't been adding if they don't tell me why they're sending it, especially since I switched logging from here…
  • A lot of people are, mainly because the combination of foods they're eating is more satiating and doesn't give them a sugar spike. I, personally, don't ever feel hungry, but I'm not typical. I'll get dizzy before I feel actual hunger unless I go over 60g/day, and I don't do that intentionally because of the other medical…
  • I've been keto 15 years, maintained for 13 of them, gained for two of them when I got lazy and stopped tracking and weighing, down 65 again since November. Prior to when I got sick (the 2 years), I was actively training cardio and resistance with no issue. I am slowly working back up to where I was since being cleared by…
  • You're fine. You would have to eat a lot more than that for it to be an issue. You can read more of the science about it here:
  • On a given day, I have somewhere around 50lbs of fluid trapped in my legs, give or take 10 lbs. BMI is absolutely meaningless to me, but it doesn't stop my insurance or random ER/urgent care doctors from trying to beat me over the head with it.
  • You can make them with carbquick, which is basically a low carb version of bisquick, but I don't know if it's gluten free, too.
  • Try the ones that are meant to be from little kids with printed writing instead of script. Simpler should help.
  • The ones that irritate me are the can't quite tell if they know what they're actually saying people, like the ones who post Phil Robertson quotes and talk about what an awesome guy he is. I want to ask if they've ever actually listened to or read one of his "sermons," but I don't want to get dragged into it if they…
  • Take just about any vegetable, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle on salt, and roast in the oven at 425. The time will vary based on how dense the veggies are and how small the pieces are. Things like asparagus or broccoli florets 15 minutes or less, half a squash closer to 45 minutes or an hour.
  • You need a doctor to test. Also be aware that cholesterol changes most likely aren't food related at all, unless you're one of a minority people with a genetic factor that makes them sensitive to it. Weight loss alone will cause improvements, but for some people, that includes one of those numbers getting worse short term,…
  • Same here. A mystery number of days living in the bathroom is not worth it. When I got sick a few months ago, I went over because of the NyQuil and other meds I was taking, and at the same time couldn't keep much else down to offset it. I think the week after the flu was worse than the flu.